Zoe Weighs in at 115lbs-Who Cares?—Bail on Your Scale

May 17th, 2013

Zoe Saldana’s cover photo on the magazine, Allure, is making the talk show circuit.  Why?  Because Allure printed her weight on the cover—I guess if she was 98 pounds and emaciated it might be an issue.  In her case, she weighs a healthy 115 pounds and looks great. So why all the hubbub?

I thought it was great.

So many women today are hung up on the number on the scale, and they really shouldn’t be.  Wendy Williams, the very popular talk show host (who I’m a big fan of because she’s smart, funny, and entertaining) recently stated in an interview that she’s 175 pounds.  She also added that she’s perfect as she is, and I agree.  She is tall and with her body frame, her weight suits her perfectly.  I would gladly weigh 175 pounds and look like her.  As long as you are healthy and happy, so be it.

I mentioned recently that I’m a tall size 2.  I’ve been told that I look heavier on television, and I do because I have a round face and big cheeks.  Oh well—that’s life.  We are all unique fascinating people in our own right.  Unless we are clearly unhealthy on either end of the weight spectrum what we weigh shouldn’t even be an issue.

In Zoe’s case, there are so many other interesting things to talk about.  She’s gorgeous and she’s starring in one of the biggest movies of the summer, Star Trek into Darkness.  She also dated Bradley Cooper.  Trust me, there are plenty of interesting things to discuss when it comes to Zoe Saldana.  Her weight doesn’t even make the list.

Some women are complaining today that the guys would never get this kind of treatment. No magazine would ever publish their weight, and that’s probably true.  There is absolutely no fascination whatsoever with what guys weigh.  There is, however, a bias in a guy’s case with his height.  Most people know Tom Cruise is on the short side and reportedly wears lifts in his shoes.  Imagine if a magazine plastered his height on a magazine cover. Except for the alleged lifts, he can’t control his height, and as Hillary Clinton would say, “What difference does it make?”

I’d say the same thing with respect to Zoe Saldana’s weight.  Who cares one way or the other?  I think most pundits should just leave this one alone and let it pass for what it is—irrelevant.

Whether you’re a skinny Minnie, Botticelli babe, or somewhere in between, remember that we all have our best features.  Focus on them.  And when it comes to film stars we don’t even know, we shouldn’t care one way or another what they weigh.  It doesn’t matter.  Weight is just a number.  Period.



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