Wonder Woman! Thanks PBS but Where’s the Damn Movie?

April 17th, 2013

Let’s see.  Hollywood is on about its eighth Batman and fifth Spider Man movies. We’ve also seen quite a few Superman flicks hit the big screen.

So where is Wonder Woman?

Do they think it wouldn’t be a big draw?

Yeah, I can’t imagine guys getting into a beautiful super heroine and girls would find seeing a woman in a super hero role a complete turn off.  Right.

This week, PBS aired a special on Wonder Woman.  I think that’s great.  Many of us girls grew up wanting powers like Wonder Woman.  She could take out the bad guys by bending steel, flying invisible airplanes, and deflecting bullets with her bracelets.  The best part is that she accomplished all this while rocking the great outfits and boots.

Many feminists probably cringe at the mere thought of Wonder Woman and her outfits thinking that it sets a bad example for girls.  It’s that same mindset that gets Barbie in such trouble.  She’s too perfect as far as they’re concerned.

But why give girls the impression that you have to lose your feminism or femininity to kick some ass?  Why not have it all?  Beauty, brains, and a great body.  It’s all good.

And if a villain gets really out of line those terrific boots can come in really handy for dealing with all the areas susceptible to swift kicks.

What I also like about Wonder Woman is the historic backdrop in which it’s set.  Since it all happens during World War II, you get the feel for the period and since the bad guys are Nazis you can’t help but cheer her on.  The whole feel is very pro-America and pro-military. Sounds like a perfect movie to me!

I actually met Linda Carter when I worked at the White House.  I was working on a movie premiere we were involved in, and Linda Carter was there.  She was stunning, and she gave me one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever gotten.  When I was introduced to her, she told me that I looked more like her sister than her own sister did. Maybe that makes me a Wonder Girl!  Okay, maybe not, but it was definitely a nice compliment.

It’s time for Wonder Woman to take top billing because I know it would be a blockbuster.  It would also be a wonderful example for girls to see a super hero who is a super heroine.

The PBS special is certainly great, but I can’t wait for a feature length film.

C’mon, Hollywood.

It’s time.