Why Should the Government Tell Businesses What to Pay Employees? Butt Out!

November 15th, 2013

Why Should the Government Tell Businesses What to Pay Employees?  Butt Out!

Fast food workers think they should be paid 10 bucks an hour to push a button and hand a burger out a window.  Wal-Mart greeters think they deserve more for pointing folks towards the moon pie and red pop aisle.

Give me a break.

If these people think they work so hard and the pay isn’t enough, here’s a news flash.

They should find another job!

The onus should be on the individual to find a job that pays more.  It shouldn’t be the government’s job to bully businesses into paying money they can’t afford for jobs that don’t merit the pay increase.

These are entry level jobs we’re talking about.  They don’t require the skill or effort higher paying jobs deserve.  If you’re in one of these jobs and think you should be earning more then . . . drum roll . . . work more and improve your skills to get a better paying job.

When I was growing up, I would babysit.  I didn’t make much money, but why should I?  Basically, I would just hang out with a couple of kids, play games, and eat the family’s food.  Not a lot of skill required in that job.

So when I actually needed more money for school, I didn’t picket outside the parents’ house and demand a raise, I found another job that paid more.  In my case, I detassled corn.

It was absolutely awful.  I had to get up early when it was still dark and wear heavy clothes in August.  Because the job required walking through seven foot tall corn rows, there was no way around getting your skin scratched up.  It was hot and suffocating. The worst part was the monotony.  Doing that job taught me that I absolutely didn’t want to ever have to do something like that again.  Still, I made enough money to help me get through school.

There is nothing wrong with flipping burgers and washing dishes, but that doesn’t mean they are worth making businesses pay money they can’t afford.  This is America not France.

Sadly, there is a dark angry cloud of entitlement beginning to loom over this country.  It’s getting more threatening all the time.  And it’s incredibly dangerous to our ultimate survival as a nation.


Because nothing in this world is ever free.  It always costs someone something.  Still, there are people in this country clamoring for free phones and free food and free money.  Some people think they have a right to demand “free” stuff simply because they live and breathe in this country.

Meanwhile, others are working and paying for all these goodies.  In the case of increases in the minimum wage for fast food workers, the end result is fewer fast food workers and higher prices for all the rest of us.  That is until the corporate world figures out how to automate the whole process at which point the only people hired will be those who can reboot the software on the computer when the deep fryer quits working.

If anyone should get a break, it’s the small businessmen who provide these jobs. They need to be free from the burden of high taxes and government intervention at every turn.

It’s time everyone got an attitude adjustment in this country back to the early days when pride and rugged individualism moved people to advance themselves.  Let’s stop the downward slide and encourage people to work hard to bring themselves up and not by bringing certain businesses down.