Why are Republicans So Obsessed with Hillary Clinton?

April 22nd, 2015

At a campaign appearance this week, Hillary Clinton noted that “we’re back into the political season” and “the Republicans seem to be talking only about me.  I don’t know what they would talk about if I wasn’t in the race.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton is sucking up all the oxygen in the current Republican race for president, and from the look on her face as she utters these words, she appears to be enjoying it.

Behind the scenes, she probably thinks the reason she’s getting all the Republican attention is because underneath it all, they’re just jealous.  And why wouldn’t they be?

For starters, she’s much wealthier than they are (and even some of them put together).  Since Mitt Romney decided not to run, Hillary now stands head and shoulders above the rest in personal wealth.  Sure she left the White House “not only dead broke, but in debt,” but she’s more than made up for it by scraping up the money for a few mortgages. Now she has luxury homes around the country to hang out in and a designer pantsuit collection that’s . . . well . . . the envy of everyone who wears designer pantsuits.

She also evidently has a golden tongue.  Wouldn’t all those Republican candidates just love to be able to give a single speech and receive a few hundred thousand dollars in return? What’s even more amazing is that she evidently developed this talent late in life.  Back in the early nineties, while she was campaigning for her husband for president, a woman in my law firm gave me a free ticket to a lunch to hear her speak.  I figured it was a free meal and an opportunity to gauge what George H. W. Bush was up against, so I went.

After Hillary finished speaking, I honestly didn’t feel like I’d gotten my money’s worth.  The only thing I remember from that speech is her comparing the economic downturn of the early 1990’s to the Great Depression.  I recall her using the term “Hoovervilles” in her distinct Midwestern accent to describe some Americans’ situations then which I think is pretty ironic today.  If she thought the economic blip of 1991 was bad, I can’t wait to hear what else she’s going to say about our current economic state of affairs.  (Evidently, she started yesterday and the White House is not happy).

If all of that’s not enough to stir up a little political envy, she appears to live her life without the burden of complying with laws and regulations the rest of us deal with on a daily basis.  From traffic laws (e.g., illegally parking in a handicapped spot and speeding through a rain storm in New Hampshire) to keeping her emails on a private server and then destroying the ones she believes are “personal,” so far she hasn’t suffered any clear political backlash for her apparent disregard for rules.

We should cut her a little slack on the traffic violations.  After all, she’s chauffeured everywhere she goes and has been since the 1990’s so in fairness we can’t directly blame her for those.  Her mistake in those cases was one of omission not commission. She just failed to instruct her driver to slow down or park elsewhere.

And what about this Wag the Dog campaign rollout she’s running? It’s now being reported that everything she’s done so far is scripted and staged yet no one seems to care.  Her rollout video, for example, evidently didn’t feature average Americans but instead handpicked political operatives.  Same thing with those intimate meet the voters events in Iowa.  If those people had dared ask her real questions, they could kick their next political campaign gig goodbye.  Also, notice how she was taking notes through those meetings.  It would be funny to see them.  Likely she was just doodling dollar signs and writing out her yoga class schedule (which is why we’re likely never going to see those notes—they’re personal).

Now we can’t criticize her for doing all this.  Sadly, that’s what our political system has come to today.  On both sides, it’s all big money and Madison Avenue public relations stunts.  Yet, it certainly must bother Republicans that all of this is fully reported about Hillary and yet she’s still leading in all the polls while any Republican caught doing the same thing would spend several campaign days defending it.

It must be nice to get a pass for pretty much everything.

In the same comment in which she noted all the attention being paid to her on the Republican side, she said she hopes everyone gets past all of this and starts talking about the issues.

Republicans should welcome this as well since this is where she is quite vulnerable.

For starters, they should ask how she intends to “topple the one-percent” and what she expects will happen to all her money and homes when that happens. Hearing her answer that question would be well worth whatever speaking fee she wants to charge.