Whoa Nelly! (For President!!) Send the IRS Packing

October 9th, 2013

Nelly is one of America’s top rappers and a huge supporter of President Obama.  He told VH1 that he’s starting a campaign to quit paying taxes during the shutdown.

“I’m trying to campaign, since the government ain’t working, we shouldn’t have to pay taxes,” he told the music video site.  His logic?  “[P]aying taxes is supposed to pay for the government, which in turn is not working. So if they’re not working, I shouldn’t have to pay taxes.”

It makes perfect sense.

In any other job, if you quit working you don’t get paid.

And there’s more.

“[M]e being in the upper echelon of the tax bracket, feel the money I could be saving over these next couple of days could be very vital to my survival,” he added.

Somehow I suspect Nelly is the only member of the “upper echelon” who could get away with making this point. All the rest of them would probably have to leave the country after such a statement.

Nelly is a very rich talented celebrity with good sense (he’s from the Midwest so that’s not a surprise).  Besides conquering the music industry, he has numerous endorsements.  His success comes from being a no nonsense capitalist.

In a day when DC looks like a bastion of dysfunction, it’s refreshing to hear a popular music artist sharing good common sense policy.

You’re not working.  We shouldn’t have to pay.

I’d love to see the rapper run as a Republican for some national office. I know . . . he’s a big friend and supporter of President Obama.  But he’s a Republican through and through.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

Until he comes to that realization, it will be refreshing just to hear Nelly speaking out and keeping it real.

We don’t want to keep the government shutdown forever, but it would be good to see it trimmed way down in all the right places.  We could start with the IRS, which under ObamaCare is scheduled to actually get bigger.

No, let’s shrink it by going to a flat or fair tax and just call it a day.  That would solve lots of problems and likely get bipartisan support.

Nelly has sold 21 million CDs so he has the audience.  He should use his next song to send the message that the IRS sucks.  I guarantee it would be an instant hit. It would also be an issue Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can all agree upon.  What a great way to bring the country together.

Nelly has the right idea, celebrity status, and fans everywhere.  He might just be the guy to turn all this around.

So MO Nelly please!