Where is Vladimir Putin When You Need Him?

October 2nd, 2013

Our federal government is closed for business for yet another day.  While House Republicans are calling for negotiations to end the impasse, President Obama remains stubbornly resolute in his determination to keep his heels dug in.

Granted, he agreed to meet later today with House and Senate leaders, but he made it clear he still will not negotiate.

It’s his way or the highway.

Evidently, between Harry Reid and MSNBC, Obama is fully convinced that keeping the government shutdown is a political winner for Democrats, so he absolutely refuses to budge.

Meanwhile, Republicans are throwing out a few olive branches like proposing to delay the Individual Mandate for a year or requiring Congress to abide by the same ObamaCare subsidy rules everyone else must live by.

Both proposals seem imminently reasonable.  Obama himself is picking and choosing which parts of the Affordable Care Act should be followed by the statutory date arbitrarily.  After yesterday’s opening day debacle of the ObamaCare exchanges, you’d think he’d jump at the chance to at least try to fix a few things.  In many ways, Republicans are offering him a lifejacket off a sinking ship.

In addition to reports that sites were crashing all day long, a few other little interesting facts of interest emerged yesterday.  For example, the government was happy to report how many people visited (or attempted to anyway) the site.  The only statistic they didn’t offer was how many people actually signed up, although they did share that the most frequently asked question was basically, “How do I get out of paying the fine if I don’t buy insurance?”

You’d think if lots of people signed up on Day One when they were most likely to be excited about it if ever, they’d be all over announcing that news.

Also, if you read the articles associated with the opening of the exchanges, a trend clearly emerges.  In each case reported where someone actually signed up, it was always someone who couldn’t get insurance before because of a preexisting condition or someone eligible for Medicaid.  That’s certainly great if you’re one of those people, but where were the reports of all the young healthy people who need to sign up to make this thing technically work?

Perhaps they were the ones asking the question about how to avoid a fine.

Fighting tooth and nail to preserve the part of ObamaCare people object to the most while willy nilly ignoring or changing other parts of the law at whim ultimately can’t be a very good excuse for keeping the government shutdown.

The Republicans moved slightly on their original position waiting to fight the ultimate battle another day (starting with electing a Republican Senate).  It’s time for Obama to do the same.

If he won’t, then perhaps it’s time to call in that great “fixer” himself, Vladimir Putin.  After his Syria act, you know he’s just itching to bail out Obama again as long as it makes him look weak and bad in the process.

It may even work.  You now Bashar al-Assad really didn’t want to give up his chemical weapons (and maybe he still won’t really do it), but at least Vladimir has him moving in that direction.  Obama appears to feel just as strongly about ObamaCare.

Who knows?

It may work, and at this point, it couldn’t hurt.