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January 9th, 2017

This year is starting off great!

My Goodfella, Paul, is doing fantastic.  We’re leaving for Italy soon for three weeks with quick stops in New York City.  Our book, Pinot, Pasta & Parties is coming out in the Spring.  Then there’s the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump who I’ve pushed and promoted for five years to become President.  On top of that, Mike Pence, who I’ve known forever and have tremendous respect for will be our Vice President.  As an added bonus, Eric Holcomb, who I served with on the Indiana State Republican Committee, is now Governor of Indiana.  I’ve always really liked his wife who will be an elegant First Lady.

And one more thing.  Mike and Eric both attended Hanover College where I went to school.  That may not seem like such a big thing until you consider the fact that enrollment there is only 1,000.

So we are little more than a week into the year, and life is good.  This was Golden Globe weekend.  We went to a fun party hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio who was nice.  I really wanted to ask him how his meeting went with Donald Trump, but for Paul’s sake I refrained since I know he likes Leo.  They performed in Romeo & Juliet together.  The party was for Martin Scorsese who is a very sweet and engaging person.  He and Paul had a grand time catching up.

Afterwards, I watched the Golden Globes.  I love watching it because it ends up being one of the best awards shows out there.  Perhaps that’s because of all the alcohol served at the tables.  I particularly liked seeing Ryan Gosling’s message to his wife about taking care of their children and his tribute to his sick brother who just died.  Dedicating his award to his late brother was especially touching.  Overall, I enjoyed the styles and production of the show.

Unfortunately, the evening had to include Meryl Streep’s acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille award.  Instead of talking about her roles and acting, she launched into trashing Donald Trump throughout almost her entire speech.  I believe in free speech, but it’s very annoying when you use an awards show platform for the purpose of bashing the future president of the United States.  These celebrities obviously don’t look at the map of the country which is a sea of red except for the coasts.  Many of them love criticizing the red states yet forget that the people in those states have the buying power to take those actors right out of their careers.

Meryl Streep may be the exception because she has reached a level where she really doesn’t have to do anything else.  Her annoying long tantrum reminded me of the actor who railed against Vice President-elect Pence at the musical Hamilton.  Mike was cool about it and didn’t make a fuss which is more his way of doing things.  By contrast, last night President-elect Trump called out Meryl Streep for her stunt.  It’s all interesting to me as I have changed my life and career from politics to entertainment in some form or another so I’ve lived in both worlds.

All I can say is it will be a fascinating year.  I will still watch the Golden Globes and will still support Trump all the while eating copious amounts of Italian popcorn (you have to read our book to know what it is).  While watching the show, I just want the American people to win and be golden in the end.  But hey, I personally prefer silver so whatever works for you.

Let the circus (Roman style) begin!

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  1. Beth Gallien-Stone
    Posted Jan 09 2017 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Love it Dee Dee! Can’t wait to read your next entry!