We Need Arsenals of Guns Everywhere—Stand and Fight with the NRA

April 25th, 2014

Just as the National Rifle Association converges on Indianapolis for its annual gathering, we’re seeing firsthand why the Second Amendment is so important in helping us preserve our rights.

Sure Cliven Bundy absolutely blew it with his idiotic racist remarks, but that shouldn’t distract us from the fact that federal agents came ready and armed with their own guns to attack citizens wanting to preserve property rights.  What the Bureau of Land Management did in its standoff with American citizens in Nevada is simply wrong and illustrates once again why we need to support the NRA in protecting the Second Amendment.

This year’s NRA meeting theme is “Stand and Fight,” and I think it sums up perfectly where we are in the gun rights debate today.

I’m always baffled by gun control advocates lack of understanding of history.  The first thing that always happens in the fall of a republic or a democracy is that the authorities attempt to disarm the people.  Check out history books about Nero, Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, and you’ll see a clear pattern.  Today’s dictators are living out that example with Kim Jong-Un and now Vladimir Putin carrying out that tradition.

Typically, it starts with gun registration.  Knowing where the guns are makes it much easier to take them all away.  You think that can’t happen?  Well, Hitler managed to round up all the Jews and take them to concentration camps to murder them.  If it’s that easy to collect people, how hard do you think it would be to gather guns?

Right now, I spend my time between the best of all worlds when it comes to gun rights, Indiana, and the absolute worst, New York City.  Right now, Indiana is truly the safest place on the planet.  With the NRA in town, there are nine acres of guns and gear which is more than enough to fend off any federal tyranny that might rear its ugly head.

New York City is quite the opposite.  As a single woman walking down the street, on any given day, I rely mostly on my amazing ball kicking ability to ward off any evil that might come my way.  For the most part, the city is basically a police state.  With the very liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio, in charge it’s even worse than it used to be.  Supposedly, you can have a gun in New York under certain circumstances, but the truth is its all smoke and mirrors. If they wanted to, New York City authorities would gather post haste to gather up your gun if they got the chance.

Someday I predict New Yorkers will thank all the Hoosiers and other like-minded patriots for standing up and protecting a right that they’re now watching slowly being stripped away from them.

Support for the NRA in this effort is more important now than ever.  If there is one thing that is becoming increasingly clear, it is that the Obama Administration sees nothing wrong with abusing its power and inserting the federal government into every aspect of our lives.

Thankfully, there are real patriots out there, like NRA members, willing to stand and fight. Fortunately, there are also elected officials and candidates willing to take up the cause. In Texas, for example, the BLM is trying once again to grab land from a private citizen.  Texas gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General Greg Abbott is telling them to just try it and see what happens. Good for him.

Remember to stand strong and fight this battle because without liberty we have nothing.

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