We Need a Real Conservative Superman NOW!

March 2nd, 2015

Where is Patrick Henry when you need him? Is there anyone out there who is brave enough and smart enough to save the Republic?

We seem to have a serious leadership vacuum right now.  If there was ever a time for a statesman to emerge from among us and lead, it’s right now.  Obama is destroying the country.  Even some Democrats see the destructive path he’s taking the country down.

It’s hard to know where to begin in listing how bad things are today.  Americans are being beheaded while Vladimir Putin invades neighboring states without fear.  His enemies mysteriously drop dead in an eerie throwback to the old USSR.  Illegal aliens are encouraged to remain in the country sending a clear message that our laws can be ignored. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing to address Congress tomorrow while the president openly whines about it.  Never mind that he’s engaging in secret negotiations that threaten Israel’s very existence.

It’s scary and surreal that our country has come to this.

Sadly, there’s even more, but I only have time to address the high points or should I say low points.

The United States has been so badly weakened by the Obama administration that it will take another Washington, Lincoln, or Reagan to bring our country back to greatness.

Sadly, I’m not very encouraged by what I’m seeing from current Republican “leadership” either.  For example, this week long extension for funding of Homeland Security is ridiculous.

We have the MAJORITY!  Use it!

Everyone is a chicken.  It’s pathetic. Who among our ranks is going to stand up and say enough is enough?  Tomorrow, even if they aren’t inspired by his message, I hope Republicans are at least wise enough to emulate Netanyahu’s fearless leadership and iron will.

Let’s also hope that CPAC rallied all the conservative troops out there to call their members of Congress and complain daily.  Enough is enough.  Our Republic is slipping away.

When we didn’t fully have the majority in both houses of Congress, at least we had a plausible excuse for inaction.  Harry Reid tied our hands blah . . . blah . . . blah.  That excuse is now clearly gone, so what’s the problem?  It’s like our leadership is comatose.

We have a very small window to stop the bleeding and save the country.  We need someone who can turn the country around and back to its glory.  We desperately need a leader who can promote patriotism and capitalism and who can put a stop to all of Obama’s horrible decisions that are turning America into a shell of its former self.

Who will it be?  Cruz, Pence, Trump, Walker, or Paul?  What about Rudy Giuliani?  Who is going to stand up and rally the troops this time?  Who is our general?  Who is our Superman?

Whoever wants to take on this role better start moving fast.  The clock is running out while Hillary Clinton just laughs from her lofty tower while everything around her burns.

General Zod has done enough to destroy our country.  We need our Clark Kent to shake the suit and nerdy glasses and throw on his cape.

Let’s restore truth, justice, and the American way—now!

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