Watch Grandfathered Tonight

April 26th, 2016

Check our Fox TV at 8:30 pm EST tonight to watch two amazing actors on Grandfathered.  John Stamos is the star of the show, and Paul is guest starring as John’s dad.  In the show, John plays an Italian, so who is more perfectly cast to play his father than Paul?

What makes the casting all the more perfect is the uncanny resemblance between Paul and John’s own father.  When Paul met John initially, John showed him a photo of his dad, and they look so much alike that you almost do a double take. 

Paul and John bonded immediately so I can’t wait to see how that chemistry plays on the show.  It was great meeting John.  He is an icon, but he’s still such a sweet and humble guy like Paul.  After meeting so many divas full of themselves in Hollywood, it’s great to connect to a truly good person like John.  While we were there, he went out of his way to make us feel at home and welcome.  He is also wonderful to the cast and extras, too. 

In my time with Paul, I’ve seen so many nightmare scenarios of so-called stars treating others badly.  It’s that overall culture that initially made me a little hesitant to get too involved with a Hollywood actor, let alone marry him. But here I am and very happy.  Just goes to show that there are good people in Hollywood.

As I’ve described in previous blogs, Paul does both movies and television so it might be worth noting the difference between the two.

Movies move at a slower pace than television.  It’s not quite chess versus checkers. Instead, it’s the fact that television by its nature moves at lightning speed with lots of moving pieces.  In many ways, television production is more difficult.  In my book, TV deserves lots of respect.  While in the early days, television was sort of the stepchild of film as far as the quality of acting goes, now it’s film’s equal.  It’s also much harder work, or at least it appears that way to me. You certainly can’t be a slouch to be a successful television actor, and I doubt you can get away too long with the sort of bad behavior some so-called stars exhibit because it potentially reflects badly on your show.

With Grandfathered and Fuller House, John Stamos is a perfect example of today’s television star.  He’s hardworking, respected, and a wonderful actor.  On top of all that, he plays concerts with the Beach Boys.

John and Paul are both winners.  They work hard and achieve their goals.  Like John, Paul also sings but instead of Surfer Girl, it’s O Sole Mio for Paul.

Congratulations to John for being awarded The People’s Choice award for Best Actor.  He definitely deserves it.

I just wanted to put in a plug for a truly great guy.  Paul enjoyed taping the show and getting to know John.  He thinks of him as a real son now.

So don’t miss the special pair tonight, and be sure and watch John Stamos every Tuesday night as a member of Team Stamos.

Only tonight it’s Team Stamos-Sorvino!

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