Washington Redskins Should Stay Colorful (And What’s With Oneida Flatware?)

October 8th, 2013

President Obama felt it important to say that he would change the name of the Washington Redskins if he was the team owner.  Most likely, he weighed in on this latest controversy because he really wants to talk about anything other than the ObamaCare disaster, crushing debt, or the mess he made with Syria.  Also, he likes pushing race issues a lot, so why not blast the Washington Redskins’ name?

I guess he doesn’t know that the name was actually suggested by the late Chairman of the Blackfoot nation.  Yes, a Native American actually came up with that name.  Who knew?

The Oneida tribe allegedly complaining about the name and saying the mascot is offensive should really be more perturbed with Oneida flatware.  Okay, well maybe they shouldn’t since all those forks, knives, spoons, and serving pieces bring attention to the Oneida name every day.  You would think that would be considered a good thing.

At least the Washington Redskins mascot is very cool looking.  It depicts a warrior which seems like a real plus when you’re playing a tough game like football. Frankly, I’d be a bit more bent out of shape if it was more cartoonish looking, like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot with his fists up in the air.  I’m Scot-Irish so I have a right to comment.  I love the little guy, although I know some of my Irish brethren might be offended.

That brings me to another troubling part of this whole issue.  What mascots can we have that won’t offend someone?  Clearly, if the Redskins name must go, so must the Vikings.  Historically, those Vikings were some really bad dudes.  If you’re going to name a team “Vikings” why don’t you just call them the Thieves or the Pillagers? When are all you Hansons and Carlsons of the world going to speak up about this insult?

Atheists must cringe at the Los Angeles Angels and New Orleans Saints, and Christians everywhere should boycott all the teams with Devil in their name. Lots of teams are named for animals.  Doesn’t PETA find that rather exploitative?

What about the Cleveland Browns?  Those who know anything about football know that the name came from the legendary Paul Brown, but what about those many people who don’t know that history?  Could they take this name to mean something entirely different?

On the flip side, there are several teams with just plain stupid names.  For example, the Baltimore Ravens may have a name that is Poelitically correct (sorry, I couldn’t resist), but if you know the poem, you know the underlying story in the poem is about mental illness.

I have never understood the entire flap about a mascot name unless you’re being rude about it and last I checked, Redskins fans love the team and honor the name.  As for Native Americans, isn’t it great that there is a football team keeping the Native American spirit alive?

Other teams do the same thing.  The Dallas Cowboys honor some of the pioneers who tamed the Old West. New England Patriots recognize the nations’ founders.  My personal favorite is the Indiana Hoosiers (of course), although most people (even in Indiana) couldn’t quite tell you what Hoosier really means.

When people think Redskins, they think fierce and noble warriors.  It’s an honor not an insult, so let’s keep this tradition alive and quit already with the pow wow cow.