Voter Fraud Will Elect Hillary if not Stopped

July 26th, 2016

An interesting sign at the Democratic National Convention reads:  “ATTENTION ALL DELEGATES:  Photo ID is required for Credential Pick Up.  Please have Photo ID Out and Ready.”

Seeing this sign reminds me of one of my biggest election fears and that’s the simple fact that Democrats are the masters of committing voter fraud.  Since we know Democrats wrote the book on this sort of thing and Hillary Clinton has no apparent regard for rules or the law, it stands to reason that the Clinton campaign will view this sort of activity as an electoral safety net.

If you search on Amazon for a book on stealing elections, you’ll likely see a list of titles with Democrats’ pictures on the cover.  There was, of course, the famous Lyndon Johnson Senate race that really launched his career after Ballot Box 13 in Duval County, Texas, mysteriously appeared giving Johnson all but two of the votes contained therein. Interestingly, all the voters in that county apparently decided to vote in alphabetical order using the same pen. Likewise, his 1960 running mate, John F. Kennedy managed to secure victory thanks to the votes of Chicagoans, several of whom may have also voted in the 1860 presidential election.

If it's good enough for the DNC, shouldn't it be good enough for the election?

If it’s good enough for the DNC, shouldn’t it be good enough for the election?

I’ve actually personally witnessed similar shenanigans.  Last election, I saw Obama’s handiwork when citizens of Chicago (apparently not recognizing the “Welcome to Indiana” sign along the road) flooded over the border to vote in flatfooted unsuspecting Indiana. In that case, people came to vote that clearly didn’t live there and appeared poised to scream discrimination and disenfranchisement if challenged.

Unfortunately, Indiana made it fairly easy for them.  Being polite and passive is clearly not the way to go. Throughout that election year, I could sense there was a disturbance in the force.  Indiana had been invaded by the “get out the no voter vote.”

As it happened, I appeared in a documentary that year starring Mo Rocca.  The film featured a Republican (me) and a Democrat who lived in a neighboring town. My counterpart was an interesting and engaging fellow who unfortunately ended up in jail for committing voter fraud.

On top of all that, Eric Shawn of Fox News uncovered the disturbing fact that names used to get Obama on the Indiana ballot in the first place were false and forged.  In that case, the fraud was committed by Hoosiers, Chicagoans, and who knows who else.

So now we have Hillary Clinton who doesn’t care how she gets elected.  She couldn’t even wait to get started on perpetrating such activity starting out by screwing Bernie Sanders in the primary process through her good friend, the DNC Chairwoman.  Before that, she let the Benghazi heroes fry because their misfortune occurred too close to Election Day. That’s just on the voting front.  She also has the emails that all our enemies probably now have and the pay to play scandal with the Clinton Foundation to contend with which makes her desperation to do whatever it takes to get elected even more likely.

Clearly, she’ll stop at nothing and voter fraud is probably one of the biggest arrows in her quiver.  Battleground states with no voter identification requirements are obviously a big target so it’s likely there will be some effort to line up absentee ballots with voters who don’t live where they say they do.

Let’s hope Mr. Trump and Governor Pence are ready to fight this battle in the battleground states because these sorts of activities can and have gotten the wrong person elected in the past.

We need a huge voter fraud army to protect against this sort of thing.  The sign at the DNC Convention is pure irony.

It’s time to be rid of the crooked Clintons before they take our country under for good and run off with their foreign bribe money to live together on Treason Treasure Island surrounded most likely (ironically) by a wall with access only granted with proper identification, of course.