Vote Trump or the Republic Fails

November 8th, 2016

It’s Election Day and as American elections go, it’s a day like none other.

Anyone who knows history knows that there is a point in every country’s story where the nation takes a dark turn.  One such turning point occurs when government becomes too big and with it the national debt to great to ever repay.

We’re seeing that in the United States today.  Combine that with the fact that so many people are openly voting for government dependency and you have the recipe for the perfect storm.  People always seem to think voting for the “free stuff” is the right compassionate thing to do until they realize that there are strings attached to that government handout and the biggest one of all is the loss of personal freedom.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, that’s exactly what will happen.  We’ll lose our freedoms one by one. Our country will be unrecognizable.  Globalization and open borders will destroy the United States as more and more people who hate our way of life gain power and control.

The first thing to go will be our Second Amendment rights.  Hillary wants to take our guns and she’s not shy about it.  Think about the second debate where she advocated vigorously for partial birth abortion up to a baby’s due date while at the same time making an argument for seriously restricting gun ownership for fear that some toddler might be killed with a gun. What’s the logic in that?

Hillary and Bill are corrupt which they’ve demonstrated consistently over the famous thirty years she often spoke of during the campaign.  Cutting deals with foreign governments to line her family’s pockets (and pay for her daughter’s wedding) is just an example of a pattern exhibited throughout her “career.”  And that’s another thing.  Did our Founders really intend for citizens to become rich through public service?

I don’t think so.

The Clintons routinely operate like the mob or at least things happen around them like the mob.  Enemies disappear or change their minds magically.  I could go on about how bad the Clintons are for our country, but I’m sure even their supporters know that. Hillary Clinton is a scary person and it’s sad that she’s able to run in the first place. She’s bad and the power of the presidency will only make her worse.

If Hillary Clinton is elected she’ll just finish the job of destroying the best country in the world that was started by Barack Obama eight years ago. Clearly, we’re at a tipping point.  With her, if she’s elected, will be the end of our way of life.

Contrast that with Donald Trump.  If he’s elected today we can rebuild this great country.  We can put America first again.

I will never accept Hillary Clinton if she wins, and I will continue to fight for what’s right like the Jedi knights in Star Wars against the Evil Empire.  The Clintons represent everything America is not.

Let’s hope that today Hillary can’t cheat her way to the White House through voter fraud. And let’s hope for an Obi Trump Kenobe win.  He is our only hope.

May the Force be with us.

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