August 12th, 2016

United States athletes are winning big gold in Rio this week, and it’s exciting to watch.  Meanwhile, citizens across the globe are cheering on their own countries and demonstrating the kind of great pride you’d expect.

It’s always a proud moment to see the Stars and Stripes hover over the flags of other countries as each of our athletes is awarded the top prize.  It further demonstrates our national exceptionalism.

Watching the Olympics and cheering on my fellow Americans, I have to ask how many of the liberals out there who are so anti-nationalism and pro-globalism can feel the same sense of pride I do in these achievements.  One example is President Obama himself who has been apologizing for our magnificent country and touting globalism from day one.

To all of this, I say “no thanks.”  The USA is the best country in the world and the Olympics isn’t too different from anything else we’re dealing with internationally.  We take pride in what we do and want to compete to be the best.  It’s an honor to be an American.

All these liberals who want to whine and cry about how terrible it is to protect what we have in this country should look no further than Sweden and Germany to see what awaits a country that fully embraces the globalist view.  Both these countries are in crisis mode over invaders who don’t respect their way of life and want to disrupt and corrupt them.  I say let the liberals just move out and be in a country with no borders, no identity, and no nationalism and see how much they like it.

As far as I’m concerned, if they hate the fact that we like our way of life and take great pride in it then they should just get out and have their own Global Gobblyfest.

Here’s my message to them.

Rip up your United States identification cards and just cheer for all the teams and all the countries.  At the end, give all the athletes the same little trophy so no one can get their feelings hurt and no one is made to feel special. Everyone can be the same in your weak little world.

Among the liberals, there are so many hypocrites enjoying the good life with their bodyguards, assistants, perks, and privileges while at the same time touting publicly how selfish and bad we are. Really?  It’s pretty sick to have so much and then complain since it’s within our system that they’ve achieved so much.  Seriously, they should just get out and see how much they like life without the American way of life.

Give it a whirl, please.

At least those of us who believe in putting America and Americans first are consistent in our convictions.  No murky message here.

So after the Olympic torch is extinguished, let’s continue to cheer “USA USA USA” in all we do and continue to be the best with no apologies.

America first!