Unless You’re Obama–50-Years-Old is Too Young to Retire

September 19th, 2013

Last week, Dee Dee appeared on Fox News with former representatives of the Obama and Clinton administrations.  She was there representing President Bush.

Each person was given a minute or two to laud the achievements of their respective president.  Naturally, the Obama representative spent a good amount of his time blasting President Bush.  That certainly makes sense.  Obama’s biggest achievement as near as I can tell is convincing every American that Bush is responsible for all national calamities from the outbreak of the Civil War to the Syrian crisis. For the individual American, if you’re overweight or suffering from erectile dysfunction, that’s Bush’s fault, too.

On this particular day, the Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate dropped to 7.3%.  Ordinarily, a drop in the unemployment rate is great news.  Unfortunately, the decline wasn’t the result of an increase in employment.  Instead, it was because more people just quit looking for work.  That amounted to the lowest labor participation rate in thirty-five years.

Confronted with the facts, the Obama person responded with something to the effect, “Well that’s just Baby Boomers leaving the workforce.”  He made this point not once but twice.  The second time he said it, he sounded clearly like he thought he was announcing some good news.

Between his tone and his words, it sounded like he was happy about this turn of events. Given an ounce of truth serum, he might have easily said, “It’s really a good thing all those OLD people are leaving the workforce.”

Here are the facts.

Baby Boomers are Americans born between 1946 and 1964.  Do the math and you’ll see that the youngest of this group isn’t 50-years-old yet.  A good number of them aren’t eligible for Medicare. Many of them can argue until they’re blue in the face but IHOP won’t let them order from the Senior Menu.  True, most of them received their AARP card already, but that’s only because that group sends a card to anyone turning 50. Given that AARP’s demographic includes a lot of people “moving on,” they’re always looking for new members.

Back in the BO years (Before Obama), many Baby Boomers would be enjoying the prime years of their careers. They would be running the show after paying their dues. It’s sad then to imagine that anyone in the Obama administration would be happy to report that they’re quitting already.

Many pundits today are talking about today’s lost generation with so many college graduates unable to find acceptable employment if any employment at all.  So that’s one generation Obama has failed.

Few are talking about Baby Boomers who ordinarily would still be working today if not for the horrible Obama economy.

Interestingly, Obama is 52-years-old.  He’s one of those Baby Boomers.  He’s the only Baby Boomer I can think of who I wouldn’t mind seeing voluntarily dropping out of the workforce.

That actually would be a good thing.


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