U.S.A. Kicks Everyone’s Global Ass! So Let’s Celebrate!!!

July 4th, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Yes, America, we are still Number 1.  Since taking our independence from those bloody Brits two hundred thirty-seven years ago today, we remain the envy of the world in so many ways that there are too many to count.

Since it’s our birthday, let me just offer a few.

First, having 50 states offers us tremendous diversity.  Each of those states is unique and interesting.  It’s no wonder so many Americans never leave our shores—no need.

In Indiana, it’s Main Street, U.S.A.  There are white picket fences everywhere, perfect yards, and nice families who today are enjoying a picnic and parade all while proudly waving the American flag.  It’s America at its best in the Hoosier State.

Then you have Texas where everything is big big big.  In fact, Texas is bigger than many sad little countries and with an economy that’s thriving like crazy.  Where else can you have big hats, big guns, and big cars and nobody even notices because everything is bigger in Texas.

Next, there is California with its ocean, mountains, and desert.  It’s the home of Hollywood where the best movies in the world are made—by far.  It’s difficult to even watch foreign films.  Most of them look like they were produced by American high school students.

New York is home to the greatest city in the world.  With its magnificent skyline, restaurants to die for, and incredible fashion (Paris is definitely #2 but typical of the French they think they rule the runway—c’est stupide)!

Yes, our country is a wonderland of opportunity.  That’s why so many illegal aliens are willing to break their necks to come to our amazing America.

Our military is a force to be reckoned with having a rich tradition of saving other countries from all forms of evil.  We owe all these heroes who serve in the armed forces great appreciation for helping preserve our freedom and liberty.  I always thank them personally and think we all should when we have the opportunity.

Thank goodness we have a republic which rocks compared to other forms of government.  Hands down we’re better than the Marxist, Socialists, and of course those despicable dictators.  Sure, our politics gets prickly now and then, but we’re definitely a lot better than those loser countries.

Of course, not everything is perfect right now.  We could certainly have a better economy which is why we should make it easier for Americans to manufacture products and harder for our competitors.  I always try to buy American when I can which is why I own a Ford.  Maybe it’s not as pretty as a Porsche, but it’s the most American car I can buy.

I’m also a big proponent of American made fashion.  I love New York City designer, Bradley Scott, who designs Devine dresses, All American Clothing, a company in Ohio, and American Apparel based in Los Angeles.

Let’s all make a point this year to learn more about American history and what makes our country great.  My favorite president is George Washington, the father of our country.  I also love visiting the beautiful monuments and museums in Washington, D.C., where you can learn history while being moved and inspired at the same time.

So let’s keep forging ahead and thinking about what today means.  We are Americans and that means we’re the best.  Let’s do everything we can to preserve and protect the greatest country the world has ever seen!

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