Trump is a Survivor and Isn’t Going Anywhere

March 7th, 2017

Maxine Waters really is unhinged since Donald Trump won.  Even though she gets confused about things like the difference between Crimea and Korea, she is very sure she isn’t happy about Donald Trump being president.

Whatever, he won and many of us couldn’t be happier.

It’s very clear that there is an organized effort by the libs who just want to cause trouble for our president.  George Soros is flush with tons of cash he’s spreading around to make paid protests seem like organic outrage.  While some people aren’t paid, many are and the outrage marches or sit-ins or cook-offs or whatever they’re doing on any given day are about as organic as a Twinkie.

The biggest problem the libs are having is that they don’t know how to pick their battles.  Instead, it’s just constant whining and saying crazy things like Donald Trump will be impeached.  Yeah okay—it’s hard to impeach a president as it should be.

Impeachment has only happened twice in our history.  The first president to face it was Andrew Johnson who came razor thin close to being removed.  Next was none other than Bill Clinton.  He got whacked by the House only to be spared by the Senate. By saving him from the indignity of removal, he was later able to create the Clinton Foundation allowing him to trade favors.  Now that Hillary is out, there are no favors to trade and the foundation closed its doors shortly after Hillary’s campaign shuttered its doors.

So back to Trump.

Liberals can complain about Russia and Trump’s tweets all day, but now it’s just becoming background noise because it’s all Trump all the time on every front.  He doesn’t walk right.  He doesn’t eat right.  He doesn’t exist right.  They just hate the guy.

We got that.

With just a few weeks into his administration, Donald Trump is surviving it all by starting to really plug away and ignore the noise.

Most of the complainers really have no idea what they’re even talking about.  It appears that they get daily emailed talking points from the Soros School of Saul Alinsky.  And their arguments are always just a bit off of any coherent thought.  While their positions aren’t likely to be good, at least they should be coherent.

Personally, I think it’s good that they go nutso at full blast because it makes them so easy to ignore.  Anyway, most of us know that it’s mostly manufactured propaganda just trying to throw off progress.

The longer Trump is in office the more he’ll be able to adapt to all the noise and just do the job he was elected to do. And despite all he has to deal with, I still think he’s doing a great job.  The problems he’s had so far seem to originate elsewhere.  Hopefully, these problems will be removed and replaced sooner rather than later.

I’ve defended Trump many times and will continue to do so.  When people tell me they think he’s going down, I just tell them that it isn’t going to happen.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Trump isn’t going anywhere so you know what that means.  The longer he has to adapt the better he’ll get.

To borrow a line from Bette Davis in All about Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

In this case it will be a bumpy term or two because it’s all about Trump.