Trading a Possible Traitor for Terrorists—Obama Worst President Ever

June 2nd, 2014

Some people don’t like me saying this because they think it’s too extreme, but I don’t care and I’ll say it again.

Barack Obama is proving to be the worst president ever.

Sure we’ve had some duds in that office like Buchanan, Johnson, and Carter, but they look like their faces should be carved into Mount Rushmore compared to President Obama.

This weekend further confirmed my personal assessment of his presidency.  Trading a potential traitor (or at the very least a probable deserter) for five evil terrorists bent on our destruction weakens our country even further than it has been these past six years.

Meanwhile, a poor Marine who took a wrong turn and ended up in a Mexican jail remains languishing there.  Judging by the way the Bowe Bergdahl “trade” was handled, it’s likely the Mexican government could negotiate amnesty for all its citizens illegally in this country in exchange for the Marine currently in their custody.

The entire Bowe Bergdahl case is surreal.  According to his fellow soldiers, he walked off his post at 4:00 a.m. one morning.  Throughout American military history, that was called desertion.  During the Civil War, if you were caught doing such a thing you were shot. It didn’t matter the circumstances.  You could have a sick wife and nine starving children at home, and if you deserted from the United States military, that was your punishment.

Not only did Bergdahl disappear one morning, but many of his fellow soldiers died looking for him.  Meanwhile, many of his other comrades noted a strange coincidence. Attacks on their positions by the Taliban increased in the months following his capture. Meanwhile, back home, Bergdahl’s father sent out anti-American tweets which now disappear.

Trading a clearly worthy service member captured on the battlefield by the enemy for five hardcore terrorists handpicked by our enemy would be hard enough to swallow.  Doing it for this particular individual is questionable to say the least.

Obama’s actions in this case are the opposite of what the Commander in Chief is supposed to do.  His job is first and foremost to protect Americans.  By releasing these men, he’s done just the opposite.  He has severely weakened the United States.  Is he inept or did he actually carefully consider this decision and reach this result (in which case we should be asking lots of questions).

A few years ago, it was suggested that the Guantanamo Bay prisoners be sent to Illinois.  There was quite an uproar over that idea.  Now that proposal seems like a stroke of genius compared to what Obama is doing.

Don’t think this episode is the end of the story.  This deal opens the possibility for more Americans to be captured in exchange for Guantanamo prisoners.

Many of us believe that this is a very dangerous administration either because of incompetence or ideology. Now our worst fears are coming true.  We should hope that some strong Republican leaders and brave Democrats can confront this administration before it’s too late.

Let’s do everything in our own power to preserve American greatness.  It starts by working for complete Republican control of both houses of Congress.  Also, speak out whenever this administration takes action like this one.  We need another Thomas Payne to step up.  The bottom line is that we can’t let one bad president unravel everything for which our founding fathers and military fought and died.

Stand up, speak out, and do everything we can to keep America great!



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