Top 9 Reasons Donald Trump Should Choose Mike Pence for VP

July 12th, 2016

Tonight there is a rally in my home state of Indiana. It’s a happy and proud day for me since I’ve been promoting Donald Trump for president before anyone ever considered the possibility.

Now Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee (officially next week) after a very difficult primary, and he’s reportedly set this week to announce his choice for vice-president. As a loyal Trump supporter, I thought things couldn’t get any better.  That was before news broke that a longtime friend of mine, Governor Mike Pence, is close to becoming a member of the Trump team as the vice-presidential candidate on the ticket.

Talk about Dee Dee’s dream team!

I’ve known Mike forever.  In Indiana politics, everyone is family (even if they don’t always all get along).  However, I’ve always been on the Pence team.

As a former Indiana national committeeman, national Young Republican chairman, and White House staffer, I know a bit about politics and this great gentleman.  I’ve also had the privilege of meeting and talking to Mr. Trump both at Fox News and at the Trump Tower.  Knowing both of them, I can confirm that these two men would truly be a force to be reckoned with and are exactly what the country needs.

Mike is a solid, good person who understands the issues. He’s a gentleman and a scholar. We even attended the same college (albeit at different times).

I am a YUGE fan of Trump and appreciate his bold leadership.  Mike Pence would be a great compliment and hopefully a future president himself someday.  So tonight I hope to hear good news from Westfield, Indiana (i.e., that there is a Trump/Pence ticket in the works).  That would truly be a winning ticket!

Here are nine reasons why:

9.  So everyone can finally learn that people from Indiana are Hoosiers (not Indianans).

8.  Mike has great hair!

7.  Anyone who is a Hanover grad deserves the honor.  GO PANTHERS!

6.  Mike is solid as a rock.  Move over Dwayne Johnson!

5.  Governor Pence is a conservative star.  He’ll help Donald Trump with those in the “right” camp.

4. Mike plays well with Evangelicals and Nascar fans (and everyone knows it’s a huge plus to have God and Penske on your side).

3.  Because Mike is also a former congressman (he was the third ranking congressman at the time), he knows the ropes on Capitol Hill making him extremely helpful.

2.  He’s a former radio and television host so he knows how to stay on message.  That is all.

1.  Mike is just a darn nice guy who would bring Hoosier Hospitality to Team Trump.  That’s the trump card he’ll need to win in November!

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