Top 9 Gifts This Holiday Season

December 16th, 2016

9.  Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died.  Took long enough but now the Cuban people may get real hope and change (although they still have his brother Raul around);

8.  Goodfellas is having a big re-release in the United Kingdom next month;

7.  Scott Baio survived an attack by Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer’s wife over his support of Donald Trump.  Let’s see . . . recounts, investigations of foreign intervention in U. S. election, celebrity campaign to change electors’ votes in the Electoral College, assault and battery . . . . What will these people think of next? C’mon, chill Mrs. Chili Pepper.

6.  Thunder & Lightning still going strong after surgery.  For those who don’t know, Thunder & Lightning is Monica’s son, Chase, who underwent an elbow operation this week.  I expect a big payday when he signs that Major League Baseball contract someday for this shout out!

5.  Paul and I travelling this beautiful country of ours again.  Our adventure continues.

4.  California may secede and take their liberal voters with them. Personally, I prefer this to the entire state sliding into the ocean as a result of global warming.  It will be a country I still wouldn’t mind visiting.

3.  Brexit.  One word speaks volumes.

2.  Mike Pence will be Vice-President (and the best Veep this country has ever had); and

1.  Donald J. Trump will be our President and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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  1. Donna Deer
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    I LOVE IT?
    I LOVE IT ?
    I LOVE IT?