Top 9 Burger Bash

January 30th, 2015

In honor of Shake Shack going public today, now seems like the perfect time to rank burgers.

Here are my top 9 picks:

9.  McDonald’s—Can you say pink slime?  Really last on any list. McDonald’s is losing market share and just announced a new CEO in an attempt to boost sales.  If you need a good cup of coffee and can’t find a local café, McDonald’s is the place to go.  Want a burger?  Keep walking.

8.  Wendy’s—For fast food, they’re pretty good in price and taste.  Still, I’d like to know what’s in them that allows the patty to stay perfectly square.

7.  Red Robin—Gotta love this place. They offer so many options for someone with a big appetite.  Burgers are great, but you may not want to look at the calorie count and you certainly shouldn’t eat one before taking a cholesterol test.

6.  Fatburger—Hopefully, you don’t live too close to one of these places because the burgers are delicious.  Unfortunately, eat enough of these and the burger won’t be the only thing that’s “fat.”

5.  In & Out Burger—A west coast chain that offers a good solid burger.  They only open in places where they can offer the freshest meat.  That’s making it tough for them to open in New York City or Philadelphia.  All I can say is I feel very sad for my east coast friends.  You’re truly missing out.

4.  Bill’s Burgers—If you’re in New York City, all is not lost on the burger front.  Bill’s Burgers is a great place for real deal burgers.  New Yorkers can be a tough crowd, particularly when it comes to food, and this place is always a favorite.

3.  Shake Shack—The burgers here are good, but the line is much too long.  This place has such a cult following that everyone will want to visit just to say they checked that box off their bucket list.

2.  Bareburger—This is an amazing place that offers the best freshest beef around (sorry In & Out Burger).  Makes you feel like the butcher is out back with the cattle if you know what I mean.

1.  Steak and Shake—Headquartered in Indianapolis, this Hoosier haven offers burgers that are truly wonderful.  Also, in New York City there is a location next to the Sullivan Theater so it’s convenient to pick up one of their delicious burgers after a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman (at least until Stephen Colbert moves in).  So for the time being, go see a Hoosier legend and then get a great Hoosier burger.

Now that’s Hoosier hospitality!

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