Tom Brady for President

May 12th, 2015

Let’s just start by saying that the title is a joke.

I seriously can’t imagine Tom Brady becoming president.  Now don’t get me wrong.  It wouldn’t be completely horrible.  I could easily be distracted from bad economic numbers or foreign policy disasters if President Brady was on my TV screen delivering the message each day. In fact, he wouldn’t have to say anything at all for four (even eight) years. He could just stand there and stare while the news scrolled at the bottom of the screen, and I’d be fine.

Now some might take issue with having a foreign First Lady.  Still, it’s certainly not illegal and when the First Lady is a supermodel, it might actually help make the typical FLOTUS calls for physical fitness and healthy eating among America’s youth a bit more believable. At least she would more naturally look the part.

I say all this as someone who isn’t a Tom Brady fan.  I’ve never cheered for him or his team.  While I like the name (only the Benedict Arnolds among us can be hostile to the “Patriots”), I’ve never liked how Brady’s team goes about winning.

So let me rephrase the title of this piece a bit.  What I should have said is “Tom Brady Wishes He Was President.”  More accurately, “Tom Brady Wishes He Was Hillary Clinton Running for President.”

The reason for all this is simple.

Today, Tom Brady is a man somewhat disgraced. He’s being called in a lengthy report issued by the NFL to be allegedly “more probably than not” a cheater.

He’s attained this current station by being the subject of many text messages between Patriots’ locker room and equipment staff in charge of among other things the inflation (or in this case deflation) of footballs used in games.  His punishment, which includes a four game suspension without pay and a $1 million fine to his team, is partly the result of his failure to comply with investigators by turning over his phone and thus text messages.

Many pundits are now drawing interesting comparisons between Brady and Hillary Clinton by noting that she not only refuses to turn over material requested by investigators but she may have destroyed said material.  That’s certainly going a long way beyond what Brady did or didn’t do.

And Hillary Clinton wants to be president. Moreover, she could very well become president at which point all of this will just be old news while Brady will be fighting to keep the asterisk off his name in the Hall of Fame (if he even gets there after all of this).

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Why is it that a football player is getting the proverbial book thrown at him for behavior not nearly as disturbing or questionable as that of a person who might possibly become our next president of the United States?

Time will tell if Hillary’s actions will adversely affect her reputation in the same way Deflategate is possibly affecting Brady’s stature.

If it doesn’t, then perhaps Brady will learn an important lesson from this entire episode.

The next time he decides to jump off a cliff into a river in Costa Rica on vacation, perhaps he’ll take his phone with him.

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