Time to Watch the Modern Coliseum—Tonight’s Great Debate

August 6th, 2015

Here we go. To borrow a line from the late great Bette Davis, “Buckle your seatbelts.  It’s going to be a bumpy night!”

I’m referring, of course, to tonight’s Republican presidential debate.  While it’s early in the game, this debate is garnering special attention because of the presence on the debate stage of none other than the frontrunner, Donald Trump.

It’s rare for a Republican presidential debate to receive so much attention.  After all, we’re supposed to be the party of the boring strait laced guys.  Well those days ended the minute Donald Trump entered the arena. He is a modern day gladiator.  The ultimate showman, watch tonight as he clobbers everyone else and leaves the audience begging for more.

I couldn’t be happier with these turn of events because I’ve been saying Trump should be president long before anyone else was taking him seriously.  In fact, I went on the Hannity show four years ago and expressed my strong belief that Donald Trump should be president.  To his credit, Sean Hannity was very complimentary of the business mogul and now future president. Recently, I was on television saying again that it’s no surprise Trump is on top.

People are tired of the same old BS from politicians.  So many pundits who’ve never worked a day in government keep offering stupid theories as to why they think Trump is a flash in the pan.  Where do they find these people? Politics is a pay to play racket which may explain some of this, but that’s a subject for another blog.

I think this debate might be the most widely watched one ever.  It’s going to be fun tuning in to watch Donald Trump front and center.  I have to laugh at all the experts.  How did this happen?  It’s amazing!

What’s really great about Donald Trump is that he gives people hope.  Remember when Obama showed up on the scene with a big message only to leave the voters feeling duped and disappointed? Even people who don’t like Donald Trump believe he means business.

Where Obama has proven to be our worst president (edging out Jimmy Carter), Trump has all the qualities to be one of our best.

Tonight will be awesome.  I’m sure some will advise Trump to tone it down.  I certainly hope he doesn’t because it’s his bold strong personality that’s landed him in the #1 spot for tonight’s debate.

It was tempting to make the trip to Cleveland just to see it.  Paul has movie business, however, and if he goes to do that I’ll go with him.  Hopefully there will be another opportunity to catch Trump in action.

Look tonight for Donald Trump to make everyone else look small by comparison.  He’s a natural leader—the Russell Crowe character in this story.  While everyone else will get killed off easily, Trump will win over and over again.  Americans who have never voted or even been interested in politics are not only interested but are interested in voting Republican.   Ironically, he has a lot of support from lower and middle income folks just trying to make it.  They aren’t buying into the argument that all one percenters are selfish and evil.  They just see a man who is a great American success story.  People like that.  They want a job and a way to find success of their own.  They believe Donald Trump can show them the way.

We are the best country in the world, and we need to start acting like it again.  Obama is a sad disaster.  Let’s elect a president who can turn the country around and make America great again.

Go Trump!

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