There’s a New Sheriff in Town and it’s Donald Trump

June 19th, 2015

Face it.

The GOP corral is not OK.  We have too many weak candidates in a field that is becoming increasingly too large.  I mean Pataki and Santorum?  Please!

Now Donald Trump has entered the race and the media seems to be having trouble dealing with it.  Clearly, they didn’t believe he’d ever pull the switch and enter the race after considering and rejecting it in the past and now they’re having trouble switching gears themselves.

Donald Trump is just what we need after enduring a weak president like Barack Obama.  The American people want a president who is a loud and proud patriot, not an apologist. Mr. Trump is bold and says it the way it is instead of providing the opaque field tested political rhetoric spouted by all the others.  For example, it’s nice to finally hear someone say that we need to take China to task and build America again.  It’s exciting to hear a candidate who won’t tolerate our enemies.  With Donald Trump, red lines would never be crossed.

President Trump would put America first, and it’s about time.  None of our enemies ever doubted Reagan or Bush. When they promised to do something, it happened.  By contrast, Carter in the 1970’s and Obama today exhibit the same weakness of character that’s almost laughable if the consequences weren’t so serious.

In fact, right now the entire world is laughing at the United States.  The chuckling would immediately cease with a President Trump.

Donald Trump is one of America’s most successful businessmen. That’s a huge plus for a country that needs to get back on its feet economically again.  He has amazing experience in real estate and marketing with successful hotels and resorts, golf courses, and office buildings.  He’s written one of the best business books in history, and his television franchise, The Apprentice, remains popular while other shows that started when his program began are either long gone or on life support.

I’ve believed Mr. Trump is a viable presidential candidate for quite a while.  Five years ago, I touted a Trump run on Hannity and just a month ago I pressed home the point again on Varney & Company.  I’ve also said it many times in between.  That’s because to me, Donald Trump is the perfect choice.  He’s a bold successful businessman who loves America and isn’t owned by anybody.  He doesn’t need the hassle and grief that goes along with life in the Oval Office, but he’s patriotic and is tired of seeing America being played and stomped on to the point that we’re going down a road that would make our forefathers ashamed.

Donald Trump would reduce our debt, bring back manufacturing, restore American pride, and strengthen national security.  Behead an American?  Forget about it.  And if that did happen, you can rest assured that Mr. Trump wouldn’t retreat to one of the many golf courses he owns.  He’d handle the situation.

Right now, we need a Patton, Wyatt Earp, and Superman all rolled into one.

We need someone not afraid to make tough decisions.  Our country is in desperate need of someone with a strong message who can follow through with bold leadership.  That’s why I am beyond happy that Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

While his fellow GOP candidates are probably shaking in their boots today, you know who is most afraid?  It’s Hillary Clinton and that’s because in debates and the general election, Donald Trump would eviscerate her.  He wouldn’t pull any punches, and he’d call it likes he sees it.  That’s refreshing.  In a debate with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would soon learn why the circumstances of the deaths of four Americans at Benghazi indeed make a difference.

Between Trump and Clinton, it isn’t even a contest.  Trump wins.  So let’s get behind the next President of the United States who will take a stand and quickly fire all the losers out there.

Join me by joining Team Trump.

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