The UN is UNAmerican!

September 24th, 2013

Today the United Nations meets in New York City.  President Obama spoke there this morning, so it’s mass chaos.  Streets are closed, barricades are up, and every few minutes the sound of sirens fill the air as one motorcade after another screams along usually busy streets.  It doesn’t matter what third world country you hail from, when you’re a diplomat at the United Nations, you think you own the place.

When the U.S. President comes to NYC, it’s even worse because protection is twice what it would be otherwise.  I’m not complaining about that.  Although I think he’s the worst president we’ve ever had, I still believe he should be protected.

As for all the UN yahoos out there, as far as I’m concerned they should get and pay for their own protection.

That’s not the only expense American taxpayers have to fork over to host the UN.  We pay millions to support that organization.

What exactly do we get for this investment?

In my book the answer is:  nothing.

Besides sucking up valuable real estate, I can’t think of the real value of the UN.  If we were smart, we’d just kick them all out and have the UN building converted to condos.

All I see the UN ever doing is talk, talk, talk.  They really never do anything.  Their idea of action is condemning something by issuing a resolution.  Ordinarily (shockingly), the recipient of the resolution just blows the whole thing off.  To them, it’s like getting junk mail.  They send it straight to the trash and then just keep doing whatever evil thing they’re doing.  Then the UN issues yet another resolution.  Sometimes they issue as many as sixteen resolutions without results (think Iraq and Saddam Hussein for example).

More often than not, all the UN “action” takes place in the Security Council where the six member nations spend a good deal of time exercising their veto and blocking the other nations.  Usually, it’s several nations ganging up on the United States.

Supposedly, the mission of the UN is to promote peace and unity among nations. Clearly, the UN is failing at that task.  It’s really just the League of Nations rebranded.  New name . . . same old bad product.

For instance, how’s that Iranian nuclear program going?  You could argue that we have them on the ropes with sanctions, so now they’re begging to come to the bargaining table.  More likely, thought, they’re just going to talk everyone to death until their nukes are ready to launch into Tel Aviv.

What about Syria?  That’s been a rousing success.  Civil war has raged there for years with about 100,000 citizens killed.  And what did a blatant chemical attack killing innocent men, women, and children lead to?  The jury is out as to whether the chemical weapons will ever be destroyed but odds are that Bassar al-Assad, the man who used those weapons, has just assured himself more time as Syria’s dictator.

I will give the UN one thing.

They evidently throw awesome parties.  With them come fabulous side show parties which I’ll be enjoying. I look forward to bending the ear of some of the international peeps of mystery who’ll be in attendance and get the real scoop as to what they really do with their time since actual diplomacy isn’t on the list.

Frankly, I think it’s time to end the silly circus and stop sending these clowns to the US to pretend to promote world peace.

Instead, let them go to Russia with love.

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  1. Posted Sep 25 2013 at 10:25 am | Permalink

    Good post Dee Dee. I agree with everything except the chemical weapons being used in Syria. Too much bs from all politicians to sift through. May God have mercy on the guilty, though.
    Make sure you not only bend ears, but go Tyson on those people and chew a few off. They obviously don’t listen/care for any souls on Earth or the World would not be in the mess it is in today.