The Power of Tea

May 9th, 2013

There is so much turmoil, stress, and high emotion right now in the country (Benghazi aftermath, women held in captivity for a decade, financial woes), it’s nice to meet someone with a great story who is producing a product that actually makes you feel good.

Recently, I was fortunate to meet Rachel Crawford.  Rachel is a military spouse whose husband was recently deployed.

Being a military spouse is difficult enough, but Rachel also had a personal tragedy in her life as well.  She and her husband lost twin daughters soon after they were born.  Such an event would be traumatic and sad for anyone.  Most people would become depressed and find coping difficult.  Rachel experienced many of these feelings and found solace in a cup of tea.

She took that knowledge and made something positive from it.

One day, Rachel’s sister remarked that she wished she could put something in Rachel’s tea to make her feel better.  For Rachel, that was the eureka or Zen moment.  She started a company with her sister, Crystal, called Teamotions.  The company produces a variety of teas containing adaptogen herbs, which I’d never heard of, but which I discovered help foster physical and emotional well-being.  I’m a big believer now.

I asked Rachel which of the teas could help me kick ass and be like Wonder Woman.  She suggested Find Strength which is passion fruit jasmine green tea and is very good.  Another great choice is Achieve Clarity which calms you without making you sleepy. In addition to other flavor choices (Discover Joy, Seek Peace, Have Hope, Enjoy Rest, Find Strength), Teamotions offers a Semper Fi line (Honor, Courage, Commitment) with proceeds from these teas supporting members of the military and their families.

I love that these teas are all natural, organic, and assembled by hand in California by another small independent company.  I think it’s terrific that this product is made in America and that Rachel is using this company to help create jobs for stay at home moms and others who can and want to work from home.

If you want a product that improves emotional well-being and supports a great cause (helping military families), check out the company site at


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    I’m a big fan of Teamotions, especially her vanilla earl grey. It’s one of the most relaxing and comforting tea that I’ve tasted.