The Cecil Circus

July 30th, 2015

Hollywood is up in arms over the demise of Cecil the lion who was killed by an American hunter (aka Walter the Dentist) in Zimbabwe.  Given the reaction you would think that someone killed the MGM lion.

Walter the Dentist killed Cecil while on a safari.  According to Walter, he thought he was engaging in a legal hunt having spent $50,000 for a permit to do so. Walter posted a picture of his kill and pandemonium ensued. Outraged, Mia Farrow immediately posted the dentist’s address as if that would magically bring Cecil back to life.  Arnold Schwarzenegger basically called the guy a pantywaist for picking on a poor defenseless lion that could actually rip a human or another animal to shreds if given the opportunity.

The Hollywood rage for Walter the Dentist is at a fever pitch.  At the same time, these same people are staying very quiet about the Planned Parenthood debacle where video recordings show that entity’s senior staff members drinking wine and laughing as they discuss baby parts being picked apart and sold.  Whatever your political beliefs, it’s a grisly situation that you would think would inspire at least a star or two to say something.

Nope.  It’s all about Cecil all the time. The lynch mob wants Walter the Dentist’s head on a platter or at least maybe shot like Cecil.  Hey, let’s put aside all the gun control and anti-death penalty rhetoric when an atrocity is committed by a hunter on safari.

How could Walter have known that Cecil was a local favorite? I admit that I find it hard to imagine a majestic animal being shot and killed and then presented as a trophy.  But this entire reaction is over the top.

What about Benghazi and the American beheadings?  Somehow neither of those events has qualified for even a small amount of outrage.  It’s just odd that this situation involving an animal causes such a stir when similar or worse things are happening to human beings and no one seems to care that much.

It’s great to be an animal lover but to treat Walter the Dentist like a rapist or a serial killer of children is a bit overboard.  Perhaps these same people should focus more on the government of Zimbabwe’s role in these hunts or raise money to help protect animals like Cecil so that it wouldn’t even be possible for them to be lured from their protected areas.

Better yet, let’s leave a fellow American alone.  He had the permit, paid money, and followed the safari rules. If this system doesn’t work, work to change it.  Don’t focus on Walter the Dentist.  Face it. No matter what happens this guy will suffer the consequences for a long time.  He may even lose his dental practice and for what? Going on a safari? Sorry folks but this guy is getting the equivalent of a root canal for all his teeth without Novocaine.  It’s overkill.

Next, perhaps Obama will lower the flag for Cecil.  I’m sure people at the White House considered that possibility a lot faster than they did lowering the flag for the heroes shot by a crazy nut.

Sorry that Cecil isn’t with us anymore, but I’m sorrier to see a fellow American being treated so badly to the point he’s become the hunted.

Good luck Walter the Dentist and rest in peace Cecil the Lion.