Thanks Governors for Trying to Keep America Safe

November 17th, 2015

After the terrible tragedy in Paris, the entire world is on edge about terrorists.  Meanwhile, President Obama continues to push forward his plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States. As I write this, thirty governors (and likely more to follow) are trying their best to thwart this disastrous plan to ruin our country.

The horrific tragedy in Paris brings to light the reason why Obama’s Syrian refugee plan is so dangerous.  Evidently, at least one of the terrorists on Friday had a Syrian passport and entered Europe posing as a Syrian refugee months ago.  This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.  As thousands of Syrian refugees descended on Turkey, Greece, and eventually all of Europe, it didn’t go unnoticed that a significant number of them were young males and that it stood to reason that individuals with terrorist intent would take the opportunity to plant themselves across the continent for future attacks posing as refugees. Clearly, the Syrian refugee situation created a fog that helped terrorists murder innocent people in Paris.

With all the governors objecting so strongly, why doesn’t Obama get a clue that his plan is bad? Doesn’t he understand that we don’t want our country invaded in this way by foreigners intent on doing us harm?

The entire situation is ripe for a gargantuan breach of national security.  Don’t we already have enough troubles to deal with?  Why not put the same money dedicated to this project towards veterans, mental health issues, 911 first responders, or poor children in America?

The needs of America go on and on.  We are trillions of dollars in debt, and we want to blow a ton of cash on these people before helping our own people?  How does that make sense?  It doesn’t.  It’s insane and un-American.

Some leftists say we need to help these people.  That’s fine.  If they want to do that they can send money and help set up a safe zone for them closer to Syria.  Just don’t bring them over here.

If carried out, this could be the most damaging act of Obama’s presidency (and that’s really saying something).

And what if he does it anyway?  If so, I’d suggest he send them closer to the leftist neighborhoods that support this bad idea.  I’m guessing residents of Manhattan or Silicon Valley aren’t too excited to roll out the welcome mat themselves for these people, but if they are going to be so vocal in their support of such a policy and so judgmental of those who oppose it, at least they should be willing to step up and take the risks associated with this program themselves.

The real control here is in Congress and because of that Paul Ryan will have his first big test.  Ryan is a policy guy and his pro-amnesty position in the past is of some concern where this issue is concerned, but at least as of this writing he appears to be doing the right thing.  Let’s see if he carries it through successfully to the end.

It is foolish to believe that there won’t be extremists wanting to kill us coming in with a wave of Syrian refugees.  It’s not my thinking.  It’s simply the basis of their own religious beliefs, and we just aren’t going to change those goals through kindness or a frank discussion.

Given that, there is no way to vet these people coming in well enough to assure the safety of the American public. So for those who want to help, send money.  Personally, I’d rather give my money to poor Americans in Appalachia or veterans or mental health research.

Let’s unite on this and not allow Obama to further destroy our country and way of life. This is one of those issues that’s truly a matter of life and death.  Failure to follow the correct course could completely change the fabric of the country we know and love and not for the better.



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  1. Goddess Donna Deer
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    Love it!!! Very well said Dee Dee.