Thank You to Our Vets! We Should all be Part of the Military

November 11th, 2013

Today is Veterans Day when we thank and honor our veterans, our heroes.

On this day, we should also honor our active military, too.  I personally always wanted to serve in the military, and I think it would be a great idea to follow the example of Israel where every young man and woman serves in the military for a period of three and two years respectively.

In that country, serving in the military instills a sense of national pride and commitment to the country as a whole.  In many ways, it would be great if our country started a similar policy.  Serving at this level would help instill a sense of duty and country that would carry each generation through whatever difficulty the nation as a whole encounters.

American veterans reflect these values because of their service.  Many lose their limbs and too many have lost their lives.  Still, a returned veteran is changed for life in a positive way for the experience.

Ask many employers who they’d like to hire, and veterans are at the top of the list.  It’s not just because the employer feels a sense of obligation to make such a hire.  Veterans are some of the hardest workers you’ll find.  There is no sense of entitlement with them.  They don’t expect food stamps or for the government to give them an easy ride.  Their service to their country is borne by their belief in the charge John F. Kennedy gave to the country in his Inaugural Address.  They don’t stand back and wait to see what the country will do for them.  They take charge and do what they can for the country during and after their service.

Veterans reflect the best in the country.  They preserve freedom and liberties and by doing so, they set an example for the rest of the country to follow. And it doesn’t matter what job they perform in service.  Some are in combat, but many are in office positions, cook, nurse, and even play musical instruments.  Each of them makes a significant contribution to the greater good.

As we close this Veterans Day this evening, we each should take the time to list those we know who have sacrificed their time and in some cases their lives to make our lives better. We should take some quiet time to reflect on their sacrifices and think about ways we can add our contribution to the country.

Thanks to these veterans, we have the best country in the world.  These patriots and protectors serve as a model to the rest of us.

All the way back to the Revolutionary War when George Washington produced a miracle with little resources and at a tremendous disadvantage to the British, heart and heroism have been the core of our country’s greatness.  This first army was the reason we have our freedom and our beautiful country.

Thank every veteran you can, today and every day.  They are special and deserve our gratitude always.


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    Dee Dee, thank you for your support. I proudly served 4 yrs. in the Air Force. I am a Veteran of several small conflicts and Desert Storm. I honor those who have served and are currently serving our great Nation. Even though you did not join the Military, you chose to fight for this Country in another way. Thank you.