Thank You, Dr. Love (Neil Cavuto) and Fox News for my “Goodfella”!

January 9th, 2015

I haven’t written a blog for a while because I’ve been a little busy.

Okay, that’s an understatement. I’ve been busy with a thing called marriage.  Yes, I’m now married and in a big way to a big guy I met about a year ago. My new husband is Paul Sorvino, the ultimate Renaissance man, and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve enjoyed our pre-marriage quiet time together and are now we’re having an equally great time since our wedding sharing the news with all our friends.  In fact, I feel like we’ve made many new friends since our marriage was featured in Page Six, E-Online, the New York Daily News, and last night on Cavuto where it all began. On Cavuto, Paul and I were able to express our special “thank you” to Neil Cavuto who is now officially “Dr. Love” in his own right.  Move over Chuck Woolery and Gene Simmons.  Neil Cavuto is the real deal.

All my life I’ve heard the old adage that just when you aren’t really looking for love, it finds you.  That’s exactly what happened to me.  As my close friends know, in the past few years I haven’t been searching for someone to marry.  Instead, I was just happily living my life.  Then I met Paul by chance on the Cavuto show. In fact, those who believe in fate will certainly attribute that to our meeting.  I was a guest on a panel for the Cavuto show, and Paul was on with Neil just before me.  After his segment ended, I came in to take Paul’s seat.  That’s it.  According to Paul, he immediately saw an aura around me and knew he’d truly experienced love at first sight. Given what’s happened since, I can now honestly say that I’m living proof that this experience indeed happens.

Our experience also proved to me that real men still exist.  From that chance encounter, Paul immediately knew what he wanted and went after it. I’m so happy he did because even though I was happily single I’m even happier married to him.  His persistence paid off, and I’m very glad it did!

I feel now like I’m in a good position to offer a little advice, so here it is.

Ladies, if a guy isn’t going to fight for you–forget it.  Go for a ten or nothing.  The guy you marry should be the one you really feel is perfect for you.  Never settle.

My husband always puts me first, cooks for me, sings to me from his baby grand piano (which he does quite well), and even shops with me.  Here’s a big bonus–he actually likes doing all these things (even the shopping which I know lots of guys hate). He’s just as chivalrous as it gets.

Every day is fun and full for us.  It’s wonderful to be married and have a partner who you enjoy doing everything with.  I highly recommend it.  A year ago, it would have taken a lot to convince me that such a thing is possible.  Not now.  Believe me, when it’s the right person, it’s 100% right.

That doesn’t mean we agree on everything.  I’m glad because that would be incredibly boring.  I’m much more political (and further to the right) than Paul is, but hey, variety is a good thing. Paul has a much longer fuse than I do.  He’s a teddy bear who really has to be pushed hard to turn into a grizzly bear who you don’t want to mess with.  No matter what, he’s always wonderful to me.

We started our married life with a short sweet ceremony in front of Lincoln Center.  We eloped because we didn’t want all the hoopla.  In fact, we didn’t need it because every day of our lives together there is some form of that.  There hasn’t been a day we’ve spent together where someone doesn’t come up and talk to him about his movies, particularly Goodfellas which will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary this year.  Many people also come up to him and thank him for all the good work he’s done helping those suffering from asthma.

We chose Lincoln Center for our wedding venue because Paul has performed there.  He has the most beautiful singing voice. Being able to get married there made the moment feel especially sweet and intimate because it was a place so special to Paul.

Even though we didn’t have a huge wedding that doesn’t mean it isn’t a big event.  We’ll be celebrating our marriage for quite a while.  I’m guessing it will take until our first anniversary to celebrate with all our family and friends who want to throw parties and get togethers in our honor. No problem.  I’ll take a thirty second wedding and a year long reception any time!

As you can see, I’m very happy and just wanted to share the joy through my blog as the new Mrs. Sorvino.

That brings up another thing I’d like to share.  Some have taken note that I changed my name.  Believe me, that was a big decision.  My husband is old school in that way, and it was very important to him, so I did it.  Making the change was a lot of work, but it was completely worth it. Besides being more traditional about something like that, Paul is also very Italian which is a completely different blog.

I look forward to every day, and it’s certainly never boring with “the Sorvinos,” so definitely stay tuned.

There’s much more to come!


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  1. Carmen McCormick
    Posted Jan 09 2015 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Good for you ! So glad to hear you found someone who adores you and treats you they way you should be treated.

    Thanks for the advice and thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us.