Ted Cruz is Right—If You Choose to Serve—Don’t be a Squish

April 30th, 2013

Some mornings I watch Morning Joe just to hear what the liberals are saying. I figure the best way to explain my own position on issues is to know arguments from the other side. That doesn’t mean I sit and passively watch.  Many times I flip the channel after tossing a pillow at the screen because I just can’t take it anymore.

Usually I tune out when I’ve had enough from the “conservative” on the program, former U.S. House of Representative Joe Scarborough, the program’s namesake.

I’ll never forget something I’ve heard Scarborough say on more than one occasion when chastising Republicans.  It usually begins with some diatribe about something he believes the Republicans should be doing to court voters.  Usually, this requires basically becoming a Democrat.  Then he’ll say in the most impassioned voice he can muster, “I just want to WIN!  I just want to WIN!”

So here’s what we can glean from Mr. Scarborough.  Principles are essentially irrelevant.  Just read the polls, wet your finger and stick it high up in the air, and see which way the wind is blowing.  That’s all that matters.  Winning.

Granted, we can’t accomplish much as Republicans if we never get elected, but if as Mr. Scarborough suggests we need to essentially become Democrats to do it, I’m sure I don’t know the point of the whole political exercise. It would save lots of people a lot of time and money if we just simply declare one party rule and be done with it.

Here’s what I absolutely hate.  I hate politicians who run on what they profess is a strongly held principle and then get to Washington and do just the opposite. Many of them aren’t even smart enough to hide their hypocrisy.  That’s what I especially find so galling.  It’s like they think we’re all so stupid that we won’t know any better.

When we do stand up and demand that they hold some of the very principles they ran on and advertised, they immediately call us radical and out of touch with the mainstream.

So let’s get this straight, Mr. Congressman.  When you were running, it was just fine that you were all red, white, and blue, but now that you’re elected and a nice shade of purple, that’s fine, too. I hate to be so cynical, but you really leave me no choice.

Using the Joe Scarborough School of Politics, I suppose he would have run supporting slavery back in the day if it would help him “win.”

Today, Mr. Scarborough was all over Senator Ted Cruz for chastising fellow Republicans for being “squishy” on the gun control issue.  The fact that Senator Cruz chose to reveal some of the private inner workings of the Senate and that this is “just not done” as a matter of Senate protocol has placed Cruz in the crosshairs of a few commentators like Scarborough.

In fact, Scarborough’s attack on Cruz was downright scathing calling Cruz a liar. Specifically, he said, “He’s lying about what Republican senators said inside those meetings.  He’s exaggerating.”  Later, he added, “He’s not lying about Democrats.  He’s lying about his own party.  A lot of people know what went on inside those meetings, and what Ted Cruz is saying, it’s just not true.”

The last line is particularly interesting since Scarborough is chastising Cruz for defying the Senate “tradition” of keeping private meetings private by saying that he knows what went on in those meetings and Cruz is lying.  How does Mr. Scarborough know Cruz is lying unless someone told him what happened behind closed doors?  Why doesn’t Scarborough name the person who told him, since they were clearly violating the same long held tradition he berates Cruz for “violating”?

Whatever one might want to argue about the way Cruz delivered it, I think his message is correct.

If you want to serve in public office, don’t be “squishy.”  Don’t check your principles at the Capitol door.