Talk about Sleeping with the Enemy—Obama’s Silver Bullet is Russian Roulette

September 10th, 2013

Barack Obama has gone from bad to bizarre.

After making all kinds of pronouncements and threats (and even sending our military to the Mediterranean ready to strike), he gets cold feet and calls on Congress for cover.  Next, he realizes that he doesn’t have congressional approval for his proposed strike, and he’s even worse off in the eyes of the American public.

So what does he do?

He decides to work out a deal with (gasp), Vladimir Putin.

Exactly when has Mr. KBG himself ever been a friend of Obama or the United States?  The answer to that is simple.  Never.

Furthermore, if the Russians cared so much about little Syrian children murdered in their sleep with poison gas, they would have acted already.  Instead, they tried every ploy known to man to act as though nothing happened and even if it did happen, they claim there is no proof that Assad was responsible so there is nothing anyone can do about it.

All of this behavior isn’t particularly surprising since Russia has a history of butchering its own people.  Hall of Shamers Lenin and Stalin stand out as examples of the type of leaders Russia produces.  Since the Russian Revolution we’ve seen a steady stream of these people each who has a nasty habit of lying and being untrustworthy. Anyone with half a brain knows you can’t trust the Ruskies.

There is only one way Russians listen and that’s when they’re forced to listen.  Ronald Reagan knew this and brought Communism to its knees (and ultimately through his policies brought down the symbol of Communism—the Berlin Wall).

We have absolutely no history of being able to trust the Russians.  So why is Obama bent on making a deal with Putin?  It just makes him look incredibly weak. Clearly, Putin has something up his sleeve yet he’s going to do everything in such a way that he gives the outer appearance that he saved Obama’s bacon.  Actually, he fried his bacon and is making sausage of him, too.

I’m sure Putin and his puppet, Bashar al-Assad, will be celebrating this little coup over various vodka shots.

If they somehow pull this off (and there is no guarantee they will), they will have gotten everything they could possibly want.  Basically, the United States will have acquiesced to the idea that Assad should remain in power and they can play whatever games they want with Assad’s stockpiles of chemical weapons.  Except for the little matter of the ongoing civil war, Assad will remain in power to do Russia and Iran’s bidding.  All the while, Obama will try to make it appear that he’s scored some sort of diplomatic victory.

What’s really sad is that Obama has lost so much respect at home and abroad.  Bill O’Reilly is right—we are too weak to even take out a thug like Assad.

We need to focus on what we can control here at home.  The first order of business should be electing a GOP majority in the Senate in 2014.  After that, we should focus on re-taking the White House.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and Benghazi.  How pathetic that we look so weak cuddling with Vladimir Putin of all people.

Unfortunately, this whole episode will look like some kind of victory for Putin and the Russians.  Let’s hope we gain some backbone, and this win is just a blip on the radar of history.

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