Surely New York City Can Do Better Than Weiner & Spitzer

July 24th, 2013

New York City boasts a population of 8.245 million people.

Like most urban cities, I’m sure there are tall, short, skinny, and fat people.  (In fact, I’m sure the latter are there because Mayor Bloomberg is always trying to do something about them).  Likely, there are also saints and crooks and geniuses and plenty of village idiots.

So in a city with that much diversity and so people, why is it they are even considering the likes of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer for public office again?

Until yesterday, polling showed Weiner the frontrunner in the race for Mayor of New York City.  That was despite the fact that he resigned his congressional seat in disgrace after tweeting (and then lying about it) lewd pictures of himself to women other than his wife.

Meanwhile, former Governor Eliot Spitzer (a.k.a. Client-9 in court papers associated with a prostitution ring) is projected to win the race for New York City comptroller.

In Weiner’s case, bad news came in the form of the release of more disgusting sexually explicit communications in photo and message form with a 22-year-old woman who like the women before her is also not his wife.  To make matters worse (if this could get any worse), he engaged in the newly revealed behavior for a year after he resigned from Congress in disgrace.

Sadly, some people never learn.

Which once again begs the question:  Isn’t there anyone else in all of metropolitan New York City who could do a better job as mayor or comptroller than these two knuckleheads?

Unfortunately, this situation isn’t unique to New York City.  Recently, voters in South Carolina returned Mark Sanford to his old congressional seat despite every indication that the man appears to lack judgment and empathy.  I would hope we would look for both qualities when electing someone to public office.

While on the surface, these appear to be isolated cases, they really aren’t. Across the country, we continually reelect people who clearly either aren’t particularly bright or ethical.

I’m just not buying the idea that these are the most qualified individuals for these positions. It’s a big country with about 330 million citizens at last count.  That’s a lot of people to choose from.

I shudder to think if I’m actually completely misguided here and that all these people really are the most qualified individuals for these positions.

If that’s the case (particularly if you’re a resident of New York City), I have a suggestion.