State of the Union & A Big Block of Cheese (Sort of)

January 28th, 2014

So tonight, President Obama will give another State of the Union address, and the big news on that is that he’s threatening to force an increase in the minimum wage wherever he can through Executive Order.  Looks like its starting.  The emperor truly has no clothes.  He’s not even pretending anymore that he’s not abusing the power of his office or at least stretching it as far as he can with a straight face.  Every day that Obama is president, I think he continues to prove why he’ll go down in history as one of our worst presidents.

Funny, even when he tries to emulate other presidents he can’t quite get it right.  He’s going to prove that yet again by recreating history (or trying to which is where he is entirely missing the boat).

Tomorrow, the White House will hold a Big Block of Cheese event.  For those unfamiliar with this tradition, it seems that our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, held just such an event during his administration.  Evidently, a farmer sent the president a huge block of cheese.  Jackson really couldn’t make a dent in it by himself, so he invited the public to come share it.  Jackson was very big on bringing the regular folk over to the White House.  Unfortunately, for him the “folks” he brought over weren’t really big on social graces, so every time he held one of these soirees, they basically trashed the place.  Not surprisingly, things didn’t go so well for Jackson and the cheese event.  Reports are that the cheese stunk up the big house.

Obama’s attempt to recreate this moment in history is just all kinds of wrong.  First of all, it’s virtual, so the historic message of opening up the White House to the people makes no sense. To make matters worse, they’re also inviting the cast of the ‘90’s show The West Wing.  Why you ask? Well, for those of you alive back then or who happen to own the program on ITunes, there was an episode where fake President Bartlett emulated Jackson’s big block of cheese event.  Unfortunately, that particular episode makes reference to difficult people who the show depicted as nuisances, so I’m not really sure what the White House is trying to say here by including these actors in its latest stunt.

All of this makes two things quite clear.  First, nobody in the White House knows the first thing about history.  You’d think with all those liberal professors running around, they could call on one of them to get their facts straight before they try pulling a stunt like this.  This leads to the second fact. This is simply a stunt, and unfortunately, since policy is failing them at every turn, all this White House has to resort to are stunts.

So if you’re going the entertainment and PR stunt route, at least get it all to make sense.  For example, if a President Dee Dee was going to try this, I would first invite a group of regular citizens into the White House for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. The message would be inviting common folk to eat common food.  I’d also invite a couple of history professors to talk about presidential history and maybe a few farmers to give me an opening to share my two cents on a farm bill (and there’s always a farm bill).  Bottom line, I’d at least have the event make some sense.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has mucked up this whole thing about as much as they can.  It’s weird, weak, and wrong, which is starting to sum up the entire administration.  This particular event is so off the mark that it may even indicate a turning point in the administration.  It’s so looney that people are likely to just turn off whatever they say even more.  That’s good because the more they lack credibility the greater chance the GOP has to win in the midterms which should help put up a firewall against some of the more extreme parts of the president’s agenda.

It’s uncomfortable watching what’s becoming of this administration with its fake blocks of cheese for fake Julia and a special appearance by fake President Bartlett.  There’s also that fake hope and change to top it all off.  Sadly, there is no hope of any positive change in the future with Obama—only change that stinks, like Andrew Jackson’s big block of cheese.

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