Star Wars vs Star Trek

December 17th, 2015

Star Wars mania is here.  Everyone is talking about it.  Some folks purchased tickets the moment they were available (which would be a couple of months ago).  Now those are dedicated fans!

Paul and I are going to the theater to see just what the Force has in store for Harrison, Carrie, Mark, and a whole new generation of stars.  Many were expressing doubt about the success of another round of Star Wars adventures.  After all, how can you improve on something so perfect?  However, it’s as popular if not more popular than ever.

Many times retreads don’t work.  There’s even an ongoing argument that the first three Star Wars films (that would be Episodes IV, V, and VI) are better than the later three films.  However, the early buzz from those already fortunate enough to have seen it is that the stars have aligned for the new Star Wars.  The same can be said for the new generation of Star Trek.  In fact, the new cast of Star Trek is actually better than the original.  Rarely does that happen either, but Trekkies can now enjoy Chris Pine starring as Captain Kirk while William Shatner is raking in the cash with all those commercials and appearances at Comic Con.

It’s fascinating that two generations of Star Trek and Star Wars can coexist with arguably equal power, but you can credit the Master of the Universe (or at least the power player of the day), JJ Abrams who is the mastermind of both the new Star Trek and Star Wars with the success of both.

Filmgoers just can’t get enough of space as a theme, and both Star Wars and Star Trek offer that backdrop to tell their stories.  I personally prefer Star Wars over Star Trek because it’s a good versus evil theme and there are lots of battles and better weapons. However, thanks to Abrams, Star Trek has evolved from a good to great exploration mission adventure with a more Star Wars-esque dynamic. Time will tell how the new Star Wars movie compares to the old ones versus the new Star Trek films, but one thing is for sure with JJ Abrams.  We will live long and prosper with the Force with us in every galaxy close and far away.

Either way, I’ll keep taunting William Shatner on social media telling him that the Force isn’t with him.  He hasn’t responded, but he hasn’t blocked me either so I would put that in the win column along with Star Wars and Star Trek.  There’s definitely enough room in the universe for both of them!

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