Spitzer, Sanford, and Weiner–Oh My! Spitzer is the Big Bad Apple of the Group

July 10th, 2013

I appeared on Fox News twice yesterday talking about this curious group of fellows–Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, and Anthony Weiner.  Many people are amazed that we’re still discussing these men after their notorious behavior while “serving” the public.  Now one of them has actually been elected again to office and two are once again throwing their hats in the ring.

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was caught with his Argentinian mistress while claiming to be hiking the Appalachian Trail.  After being forced to resign in disgrace, Sanford decided to seek his former seat in Congress.  Fortunately for him, he lives in a district which is so bright red that an ax murderer could win, so he easily won reelection.  Unless he meets a serious GOP challenger (and hopefully he will), looks like he’s there to stay with his tryst party at his side.  I’m guessing she won’t be a big hit with other congressional wives (with the exception of the ones who met their spouses the same way).

Next there is Weiner who of the three is probably the one who received the worst punishment in light of his behavior.  He sent a picture of his stuff on the Internet by mistake.  While gross, it’s not as bad as cheating on your wife.  He tried to cover it up by claiming that he was the victim of a crime for several days.  That makes his behavior worse.  Still, Weiner is handling his comeback masterfully so far and New Yorkers seem to be concluding that he’s their best option.  They’re looking for a good mayor who can get the job done. Personally, I think Weiner could do a good job as mayor.

Spitzer is the real villain in this group.  He resigned as Governor of New York when it was discovered that he was Client #9 in a prostitution sting.  The reason Spitzer is so much worse than the other two is that his behavior was not only icky but it’s also illegal.  It’s also directly related to the type of job he is now seeking–comptroller of New York City.

The job of comptroller requires handling billions of dollars.  When he hired prostitutes, money laundering was allegedly part of the deal.  So let’s elect a guy who used numerous money orders and wires to pay prostitutes to now handle massive amounts of public money.  Could he have picked a worse office to run for?

Obviously, Spitzer sees Weiner’s current success and wants to jump on the bandwagon.  His situation is so different, however, I doubt he’ll succeed.

Client #9 was the state’s Attorney General and seemed to relish in destroying people who did the types of things he did.  He’s a horrendous hypocrite.

On top of all that, Spitzer showed zero compassion for his wife and children.  He’s separated from his wife and mortified the kids.  Weiner is still with his wife and baby.  He appears to have made amends for his flash on the web.

Spitzer appears to be a full fledged sociopath.  He shouldn’t be anywhere near a public office.

Hopefully, Spitzer’s ridiculous run won’t influence voters about the Weiner campaign.  Currently, Christine Quinn sits in second place in the mayor’s race.  Surely, she will try to link Weiner and Spitzer trying to make them the deviant duo.  Hopefully, that effort will fail.  Sending lewd pictures has nothing to do with running the best city in the world and shouldn’t disqualify him.  Actively participating in law breaking should.

Hopefully, bad apple Spitzer won’t be the reason the big apple gets a weak mayor.

It’s up to you New York to wisely see the difference.




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