Speak English or Get Out! Make English the Official Language of the USA

February 25th, 2014

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote a blog about the controversial Coke advertisement during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?  In it, America the Beautiful is sung in several different languages.  I thought it was un-American and disrespectful of our country and time hasn’t lessened my feelings in that regard.

I’m more convinced than ever that we need a push to make English our official language.

Our country was founded by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. As far as I know, each of those gentlemen spoke English. If they’d arrived at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia speaking German or French, they would have required an interpreter to know what was going on.  This is why all the key documents of our governance and founding are written in English.

So why is it when entering any DMV office in this country, a Spanish speaker can walk in and ask for a driving test in Spanish?  Making such a test available is expensive. It seems wrong that we’re investing tax dollars to make it convenient for people who simply won’t invest the time to learn to speak and read English.  Face it—all the road signs are written in English.  Why shouldn’t the test be written in that language, too?

English is the glue that keeps our country together.  Many states in our nation have made English the official language including my home state of Indiana.  That’s not something patently racist and offensive.  Most countries in the world have an official language, and they aren’t attacked for doing so.  I don’t hear a lot of complaints about the need to speak French in France or Italian in Italy.  Well, I do hear complaints, but that’s only from tourists who don’t know how to speak those languages. They expect to travel abroad and be understood everywhere in English.  That’s an entirely different blog topic.

It is baffling that the United States hasn’t just taken the step of adopting an official language.  The topic was actually initiated in the 1700s and comes up from time to time.  However, we’re at a turning point in our country where we might need a little boost to glue us together a bit more.

Sadly, I’ve done business with a few people who can’t speak English.  Really?  If you’re in our country, you need to get with the program.

There are countries with multiple languages, and they find that this only leads to trouble and division.  I believe that every country should have one official language that everyone needs to learn to speak to live there.  Then everyone should follow the rules in learning it if they don’t know it.  If I moved to France (trust me—never gonna happen), I would learn French.  I wouldn’t spend my life speaking English and demanding that everyone accommodate me.

Elected officials need to have a spine.  Isn’t there anyone who will pick up the flag and wave it here?

Let’s honor our country and its founders by making English the official language.  And if you’re going to live in this country, learn English.  If you don’t like that idea then all I can say is “Adios” and “Bon Voyage.”


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  1. Bonnie Welker
    Posted Feb 25 2014 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    I believe with you that all people of the USA should speak English. I always hate it when you call a company and they ask you “push one for English”