Sometimes a Cup is Just a Cup

November 13th, 2015

The holidays are rolling in and the battle begins. It’s time for the annual war on Christmas, squashing Kwanzaa, and marginalizing the menorah.

The latest politically correct fight is the discovery that the cups at Starbucks this holiday season are just solid red. Just red with no Christmas message. Being an avid supporter of capitalism, I think it’s up to Starbucks to have any cups they want and for people to patronize any coffee shop they like.

This entire cup controversy spurred rival Dunkin Donuts to create a very pretty holiday cup. And it’s not like they’ve gone overboard. They just created a nonreligious themed holiday cup with holiday symbols and the word “Joy.” Okay, that’s nice.

Personally, I’m a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf fan, in part, because they support our military by serving them free coffee. They also have good coffee. Given that, I’ll go out of my way to be a Coffee Bean patron.

On the flipside, I do whatever I can to avoid Starbucks and their liberal agenda. While I don’t support their left wing ways, I do support their freedom to do whatever they please.

For that reason, I don’t care about the plain red cups because I don’t plan to ever see them unless an unforeseen circumstance occurs and a bathroom is needed (face it—we’ve all been there). Besides, their coffee isn’t great. Dunkin Donuts’ coffee is much better. So are a lot of other things at Dunkin Donuts. I always want to ask if I can buy their Dunkin Donuts doorknob. And over that, I always choose Coffee Bean if I can find one.

Better yet, we are currently in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and while there is a huge Starbucks, I always opt to go to the slower less convenient local establishments because I think it’s important to support these Mom and Pop businesses. They are the ones that have trouble meeting payroll and keeping business in the black during tough economic times.

We live in America so we should honor freedom of speech and allow people to conduct their business as they wish. Red cups, yellow cups, plaid cups . . . whatever. As long as there is competition and lots of commerce and choices, I’m good with it. It’s dizzying the number of coffee shops there are out there in all sizes and shapes. Different music, ambiance, good or bad bathrooms, Wifi, number of plugs, biscotti or scones, cappuccino, green and jasmine teas, and of course hot cocoa with whipped cream if you want it.

The U.S.A. is full of choices. Why worry about what a cup looks like?

And if you still like Starbucks coffee (I’m not sure why you would but if you do) then maybe bring your own cup if it bugs you that much. If you can’t do that, then write whatever you want on the cup or totally screw up Starbucks and tell them your name is “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals.” I mean what are they going to say? They have the freedom to pick their own cups, and you have the freedom to decorate them any way you wish.

The good news is that in this country, you can pick anywhere you want to have your coffee so enjoy and bring your own darn cup.

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