Sly Stallone Acts as Cheap as “Rhinestone”—Looks Like Jealousy Can “Die Hard”

August 9th, 2013

Sylvester Stallone is using the Twitter megaphone to show the world how unhappy he is with mega-star Bruce Willis after the two couldn’t reach an agreement for Willis to appear in yet another production of Stallone’s tired Expendables franchise.

Instead of parting ways amicably and keeping a bridge open for future projects, Stallone decided to burn the bridge down completely by tweeting that Bruce Willis is “greedy and lazy.”  To top it off, he then channeled his inner Tony Robbins or Confucius by declaring that this marks “a sure formula for career failure.”

Okay, let’s get this straight.  Bruce Willis who has done more movies than just about anyone in Hollywood, blockbusters no less, is lazy?  Give me a break.  The greedy statement is lame as well. Just because they couldn’t come to an agreement doesn’t make him lazy.  In fact, an argument can be made that Stallone is the greedy one by wanting Willis to do his movie for almost nothing.

Let’s face it, Sylvester Stallone’s career is almost dead.  Sure he was great in Rocky, but wasn’t that decades ago?  Last I heard, the only place you can see it is on the History Channel.   His third grade tweet about Bruce Willis only diminishes him.  He has a way of doing that a lot. Every successful film he’s ever had has resulted in fifteen or twenty sequels until the audience wants to pull their hair out and scream, “Enough already!”

Sylvester Stallone must just be incredibly jealous of Bruce Willis.  Not only can Willis play cops and heroes in action films, he can also really act as evidenced by his other roles. I’m still waiting for a film where Stallone plays someone other than . . . Stallone.

I have great respect for Bruce Willis having met him while I worked in the White House.  My position involved working with Hollywood, so I had the opportunity to meet celebrities, studio honchos, musicians and producers, as well as attend all the awards shows and movie premieres.  I’m not going to lie, it was a great part of the job.  Still, as many wonderful and interesting people as I met, I also had to deal in equal numbers with plenty of pretentious divas.  That’s why getting to know Bruce Willis was so refreshing.  He’s a genuinely great guy.

Bruce has a special mission working with foster children.  In fact, President Bush appointed him to serve as a spokesperson for foster care children, and Bruce threw himself unselfishly into that work.

As part of the job, there were plenty of high profile events for him to attend to bring attention to the cause, and he did them all happily.  What people don’t know is that he also worked quietly behind the scenes as well by going to courtrooms and foster care homes.  His mission was to give these kids hope.  What other mega movie star do you know who would give personally of his time in such a way to make such a huge difference for these kids?  I’m fairly confident the list would be very short.  My personal experience demonstrates that Bruce Willis is anything but lazy and greedy.

Bruce Willis is a kind and generous guy with a heart of gold.  Sly Stallone needs to grow up and apologize.  I know I won’t be seeing the Expendables 3 (so aptly titled—the definition of expendable is “considered not worthy keeping or maintaining”).  I will, however, look forward to seeing the next Bruce Willis movie.  He’s a stand-up guy and will continue to be a shining star for years to come.