Slimy Mark Sanford Sinks to a New Low

March 4th, 2013

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford can’t seem to leave a bad situation alone.  We all remember the sheer madness surrounding then Governor Sanford’s claim that he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” when he really was in Argentina canoodling with his mistress.  This utter stupidity resulted in a divorce from his wife of twenty-one years, the beautiful, smart, and talented, Jenny Sanford. Not only is she the mother of his four boys, but she’s also the person whose personal fortune and brains steered his political career in the first place.

After years in the public doghouse, Sanford is now vying to reclaim his old Congressional seat in South Carolina.  If things weren’t crazy enough, he even had the nerve to ask his ex-wife to run his campaign.  Wisely, she declined, but if truth be told, she should be the Sanford running, not her moronic ex-husband.

Mark Sanford thinks he can pull one over on the public by running a campaign seeking forgiveness.  He’s now engaged to the mistress.  As far as I’m concerned, he should not only get out of the race, but he should get out of the country all together.  Since his “soulmate,” the other woman in this whole tawdry affair is from Argentina, it seems like a perfect place for those two to spend the rest of their miserable lives together.

Unfortunately, the Republican field in the primary is crowded, so Sanford has some name recognition advantage.  One contender is Teddy Turner, son of CNN magnate Ted Turner.  While his father is a big liberal, Teddy is not and would be far better than Sanford.  In fact, I’d almost bet the other fifteen candidates would be better than a man like Sanford who clearly lacks the ethical leadership or judgment for public office.  He had his chance, and he blew it.  He doesn’t deserve another opportunity.

On the Democrat side, the chief contender is Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of Stephen Colbert.  I’ve appeared on Colbert’s show.  I enjoyed the appearance which involved Colbert turning my football analogy into a better and more convoluted Star Wars analogy.  Colbert can make mincemeat out of anyone.  Imagine what he’ll do to someone opposing his sister.  He doesn’t even have to strain to find material when the subject of his jibes is someone who did enough boneheaded things that it could fill an entire hour of The Colbert Report.  I could see it.  Colbert could do an entire riveting hour on Sanford.  I’m sure the Democrats are salivating at the opportunity.

I’ve actually met Sanford once.  It was years ago when I was asked to appear in a magazine called Capitol Style featuring two Republicans and two Democrats. You guessed it.  My fellow Republican was none other than Mark Sanford.  I saw him years later while he was governor and being talked about as a possible POTUS candidate.  I reminded him of his modeling shoot.

He laughed and asked me never to show that magazine spread to anyone.  He said it was embarrassing and that he never should have done it.  Looking back, that reaction was funny coming from him given all the stupid things he did thereafter.

Yes, I still have the magazine.

Stephen Colbert, you have my number.