Sicilian Vampire–Fascination with Vampires Lives On

March 26th, 2015

Move over Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The vampire craze is moving back to Europe—Sicily to be exact.  Yes, there’ll be a new take on the ancient nocturnal creature in a movie which will mark my film debut.  Naturally, my entry onto the big screen had to be dramatic, and this fits the bill.  I love the title, Sicilian Vampire.

Vampires are cool, and so is Sicily.  It gets better.  In the film I play a club manager with a serious attitude who also happens to be married to the mob boss.  Take a wild guess who plays that role.  Yes, my husband, Paul.  We had lots of fun doing this as we always do.

Here I am in hair and makeup.

Here I am in hair and makeup.

I can’t go into the storyline because it’s not in the can yet.  I certainly need to be loyal like a Sicilian, or I’ll surely deserve a place on the cutting room floor (and Hollywood would miss out on one of the greatest first performances on the silver screen in recent memory).  So, I’ll stay mum about all that.

I can say that the director and cast are perfect.  The director, Frank D’Angelo, films in an edgy riveting way that keeps everyone on their toes, and what if they aren’t up to the job?


They’ll be whacked as well they should be.  Only the A-Team is allowed.  The stars are Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Daryl Hannah, Armand Assante, Daniel Baldwin, Robert Davi, and Eric Roberts.  Frank D’Angelo also has a special role.

The movie’s premiere should be quite the event, giving new meaning to the red carpet or should I say blood red carpet. We’re nearly done with filming and then the magic of this project goes into it’s next phase.

Television is fun, and I’m honored to win an Emmy, but film is much more fun. Everyone should get themselves on a film set one way or the other.  Whether it’s acting, producing, directing, or even catering, the experience is a blast.

I’ve always had a hand or foot in both politics and some form of entertainment whether it be radio or television.  I’ve also co-starred in a documentary and acted on stage as well. Politics also has it’s share of drama, and I’ve seen some of that serving on the RNC and Town Council.  So why not add to resume and try my hand at movies?

It’s also great because it gives Paul and me an opportunity to do something together.  Plus, he’s a wonderful coach.  Everyone loves him on the set.  All in all it’s a terrific experience.

So get ready for the next big vampire movie.  There was Bela Lugosi, Bella Swan, and Bram Stoker.  Make way for the Sicilian Vampire!


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