Shut Up GOP Guys—Don’t Say Rape Ever Again

January 11th, 2013

Just when I thought we’d somehow turned a corner and that the GOP might be capable of some sort of comeback, here comes Representative Phil Gingrey trying to defend Todd Akin’s idiotic “legitimate rape” comment.  I don’t care if Gingrey is an OB-GYN and he somehow has some scientific “proof” that it’s more difficult to become pregnant if you’re the unfortunate victim of violent rape.  That’s irrelevant!  No one wants to hear that!  Get a clue!

Representative Gingrey evidently wants to prove that he’s so “smart” that he knows something the rest of us don’t know.  Guess what?  If you know how to fix the debt problem, we’d love to hear that .  If you know some brilliant secret formula for bringing about world peace, that would be helpful.  Otherwise, we don’t want to hear from you.

This is painful, but I guess we’ve come to this.  I’m now forced to spell out to these GOP men the “do’s and don’ts” of political discourse these days.  I always thought they were smart enough to know, but clearly I’m wrong.  Here goes:

Times have changed.  There are certain things we don’t do anymore.  For example, if you’re given name is “Richard,” you probably want to lose the nickname “Dick.”  For example, “Dick” Lugar should probably consider going by Richard.  All the Democrats I know, except for Dick Gephardt, figured this out already.  You don’t see any Democrat Dicks running around (at least not by name).  They figured this out already.

Also, there are certain people who just shouldn’t comment about certain subjects.  For example, Southern white men should stay away from the subject of slavery.  It isn’t well received.  Also, older men shouldn’t comment that women younger than their granddaughters are “hot” (just ask Brent Musburger who has since apologized for such a comment). I can’t believe you don’t know this, but RAPE is one of those subjects.  In case you weren’t aware, women don’t like talking about rape and certainly don’t want to hear it discussed by old men.  It’s a really horrible subject for them. Men, especially, should not be talking about rape.

This week, one photograph illustrated President Obama’s hypocrisy when it comes to women.  We should have stayed focused on that.  Why Gingrey felt compelled to dredge up a nightmare comment from the past election that would take away from the important question of the lack of women in Obama’s Cabinet is beyond me. His timing couldn’t have been any worse.

Because these GOP  “gentlemen”  haven’t taken the “subtle hints” that this is a taboo subject (e.g., through two GOP Senate elections they lost but should have won easily), I guess we’re  just going to have to institute  a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this word going forward.

Don’t say “rape” ever again.  Don’t even say a word containing those letters (e.g., rapture).  Stay as far away from this word as you possibly can.  It’s clear you just can’t handle it. We don’t even want to hear that the government is  “raping” the American public (even though it’s obvious).  We can’t take the chance that even that innocent comment won’t somehow result in offending over 50% of the American public.

For you guys, that word is no longer part of your vocabulary–in any language.  Not in French, Spanish, Greek, German, or Pig Latin.  Under no circumstances can you say this word ever again.  It’s forbidden.

Let me be clear.  This message is really for all men.  Women don’t want to hear about rape at all from men.  Unfortunately, it’s GOP men who’ve been guilty of doing this recently in a big way.  Democrat men have been silent on this subject.

Hopefully, this will put this matter to rest. If not, remember that I have plenty of Ball Kicker Awards left to hand out.  If you want one, just dare bring this issue up again.


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  1. Michael Guy
    Posted Jan 17 2013 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    I guess I am going to take a step into the line of fire. Somebody needs to.

    First off, I want to preface my remarks by saying that if this is all Gingrey said, it was insensitive and deserves criticism.

    Having said that, your first two paragraphs in this article…….they highlight, in vivid HD clarity, one of the leading problems in our society today. And while you have identified why the GOP is in real trouble, I do not think it was the way in which you meant. Let me explain to you what I mean….by asking a question.

    At what time in our history did scientific proof, hard cold facts and an independent review of evidence become irrelevant?
    You state that nobody wants to hear that? You said to get a clue? Why? What possible good could a clue do? Clues lead to solving. And that only matters if you care what the truth really is. Perhaps he should get a feeling instead.

    And there is the rub. You have just demonstrated the chief problem that the GOP faces. Facts no longer seem to matter. At least they do not matter if they differ from what we want reality to be. We see this mentality more and more in our society. We have a consensus on Global Warming and call it fact. Really? Facts force consensus. Consensus does not force fact.
    And it is not just Global Warming. We are in the midst of another “emotion” issue at this very moment. That would be Gun Control. Sandy Hook was a horror that no parent should ever have to face. We saw true evil on parade that day. But instead of using rational thought, politicians are taking advantage of knee-jerk emotion by segments of the population. The events in Sandy Hook were tragic. They are not more tragic however than the upcoming loss of life we are about to see, courtesy of the new gun bans in NY. We all know that when a ban like this is implemented, the killing and other violent crime rates will increase. We all know that these mass killings keep occurring in Gun Free Zones. We all know that these gun bans only take defensive weapons away from the law abiding citizen. And we all know that Columbine happened in the last ban. Those are the facts…….but as you have said….the facts do not matter.
    In fact, we just had an entire election where the facts did not matter. It did not matter that Obama had served 4 years. It was all Bush’s fault.
    And it did not matter that Obamacare will not reduce medical cost OR improve service… was passed to reduce cost and improve service.
    I can go on…but I think you get the point.

    Now I said in the beginning that Gingrey deserved criticism. I meant that. He deserves criticism, not because he was technically wrong. (Unless he is technically wrong of course. He may be and that would be a valid discussion.) He deserves criticism because he did not take into account the fact that due to horrific subject matter, tact needs to be taken on this topic. Or did he? I will admit that I did not hear his comments in entirety. Was a simple line taken out by the media? Did his entire statement show the subject of rape for what it really is? I do not know..but it would be worth investigating.
    Rape is a horrible violation. It is an abomination and we should do all we can to keep from killing another woman’s spirit in this way.
    I would like you to show me how censoring a person to the point that they can not even speak a scientific fact is anything less than rape of Free Speech however.

    Free Speech is most likely our most important right. But it becomes neutered if we are not allowed to speak facts. I am not saying that emotion is not a good thing to have. It is a valuable tool. It is the fuel that pushes a person to work, sacrifice and push themselves farther than they thought they could go. But if you do not let your rational thought guide your emotion, you are essentially a moving car without a driver. And rational thought can only exist with facts.

    We are at a point in our nation’s history that we are going to need to make hard choices. We are not going to make the right choices if we use only emotion. We are not going to make good choices if we can not honestly, independently observe and revue ALL the evidence.
    We are never EVER going to beat the Left if the facts do not matter. They are masters of fantasy. We will never beat that. Our job is not to adopt fantasy. Our job is to teach people the difference between Reality and Fantasy.