Sexiest Man Alive Says Sign Up for ObamaCare—But He Ain’t Sexy

December 12th, 2013

ObamaCare is flailing big time so any time the Obama administration needs a PR boost they enlist the stars of LaLaLand who are so smitten with this liberal president that they’ll do just about anything he asks them to do.

Unfortunately for Obama, this time even the “Sexiest Man Alive” or all the Victoria Secret models he could gather together for his cause couldn’t turn this disaster around.

Time will tell, but there are so many problems with ObamaCare that my money is on it completely collapsing in no time.  That’s why their most recent choice for ObamaCare spokesperson, Adam Levine, the front man for the band Maroon 5, is such an appropriate choice.  With ObamaCare, Obama is finding himself marooned in his fifth year in office.

Right now, ObamaCare is about as popular as Chris Brown and tofu cheesecake.  Nobody wants to get near it, and now many states are starting to stand their ground saying that the Feds can’t make the state take ObamaCare if a state law is passed against it.  South Carolina is leading the way on that front, and if they’re successful other states are sure to follow.

Even if ObamaCare was the greatest invention of the modern era, Levine is a horrible choice to promote anything.  There is only one thing he’s qualified to give advice on and that’s how to get ugly tattoos.  One tattoo is too many for me.  Also Levine is just vile.  Being sexy is much more than just being good looking, and he isn’t even that good looking anyway.  He has made jerky comments many times about women even though he claims to love women.  Right.

If how he treats and speaks about women is any indication of his judgment then that tells you all you need to know about ObamaCare.  Run!  Run as far away as you can from this monstrosity just like any woman with any sense should run away from him.

In a way it’s very fitting that Levine would be pushing ObamaCare because they’re both losers in my book.

Then again, Levine is a punk who likes punking, so maybe he’s just doing this to get his kicks.  Unfortunately, some poor sap is going to listen to him and sign up only to be very sorry later.

The really ironic thing about Levine and all the other celebrities pushing this dud is that you can bet that none of them is signing up for ObamaCare.  They are rich and can have whatever healthcare they want.  They get the Cadillac treatment wherever they go.  No death panels for them.

I’m betting few people sign up on the advice of Levine or any other celebrity the administration can drag in front of a camera to do their bidding.

In the meantime, perhaps the president and Levine can get together and take an unsexy selfie.

And one more thing.  Above all else, I hope that People will get its act together and pick a real man for Sexiest Man Alive next year.  Meanwhile, the reigning Sexiest Man will continue to look worse and worse along with the awful law he’s now promoting.