Selfie or Not to Selfie—That’s the Question!

July 23rd, 2013

The Twitterverse is a twitter over Geraldo Rivera’s selfie in a towel.

I woke up Sunday in Atlanta after speaking to the big National Federation of Republican Women meeting hosted by the lovely Lisa Roper with a great keynote address from Senator Ted Cruz.  Following all the hoopla of the meeting, I thought Sunday would be a pretty quiet day.  Nope.  Even though my flight to New York was diverted to North Carolina (courtesy of Delta Airlines), it turned out that wasn’t even the big drama of the day.

Instead, I soon learned that everyone was talking about Geraldo’s bold selfie.  Even with the royal baby diverting many viewers’ attention, Geraldo’s selfie days later is still garnering comments both good and bad.

Several commentators are criticizing Geraldo for his revealing shot across Twitterworld.  In it, he brags about 70 being the new 50 and joking about not tweeting after 1 a.m. Later, he chastised the media for proclaiming the pic offensive but then showing it over and over again.

His photo provided some fodder for late night comedians as well.  Stephen Colbert milked it for all it was worth reporting that the photo was the direct cause of journalist Helen Thomas’s death.

To all you piling on this bandwagon, I’ve got news for you.

Getting all bent out of shape about this new trend is a waste of your time and emotional energy.

The selfie is here to stay!

As for Geraldo, I’m fine with his selfie where he showed that you can be fit and 70—well done. It also shows everyone how to flaunt it with flair and a sense of humor.

Many are attempting to compare Geraldo’s selfie with Anthony Weiner’s unfortunate tweet.  There’s a huge difference here. Weiner’s tweet wasn’t meant to go out to the world.  It was intended to be private for a woman not his wife (who subsequently forgave him).

By contrast, Geraldo wants the world to see that you can still look good in a towel at 70.  It’s a very bold statement that will impress some and disgust others.  And that’s just what he intended.  Knowing Geraldo, he saw it as a great way to get the dialogue going.

Social media is changing the way we operate and think.  Trending is now a big deal.  Just a few years ago, no one ever even heard of such a thing.

Don’t be surprised to see lots more of these from celebrities.  What I dread are the selfies of obese unattractive scantily clad folks.

Considering that, maybe we’d be wise to come up with some sort of rating system for selfies.  It could look something like this:


PG—Pretty Good


X—Don’t look—this could cause blindness!

If this rating system currently existed, I’d give Geraldo a G—good physique, good sense of humor, and good sport.

So, selfie or not to selfie.  It’s entirely up to you!