Scott Walker Should Run (Not Walk) Away Since He Cut the Cheese

September 22nd, 2015

I’m glad Scott Walker is out of the GOP presidential campaign.

Initially, I thought he would add to the debate and make a good Cabinet secretary.  However, his sore loser departure nixed that idea.  Walker got out because he could only muster 1% in recent polls and couldn’t raise any cash.  And it’s not because he faced an uphill climb from the beginning like some of the other candidates in the race.

He actually started out on top and just kept falling.

Part of the reason for his sharp decline is likely because he just wasn’t a very good presidential candidate.  Trying to learn national and foreign policy as you go along is not a smart strategy.  Just ask Rick Perry who figured out too late that if you really want to run for president you have to understand the job before you seek it.

So Walker kept changing his answers to pretty basic questions to whatever seemed to be the flavor of the month. Sorry Scott—people pay attention.  They notice these things.

Then again maybe that wasn’t entirely his problem.  Maybe it’s the fact that he’s just so boring that he put voters to sleep.  Or maybe it’s because he sweated so much during the last debate that he simply turned everyone off including himself.

The lame message Scott Walker gave to everyone left in the race yesterday who also aren’t making the cut was to get out and focus on Trump.  According to Walker, they all need to rally around a single candidate who is anybody but Trump.  Seriously?  Is he the RNC Chairman?  If he thinks he is that will certainly come as news to his fellow Wisconsinite Reince Priebus who actually is the RNC Chairman. Besides, Trump isn’t going anywhere.

Donald Trump is the frontrunner and the attack from Walker is certainly a message from the Establishment.  They don’t want Trump because they know they can’t control him.  Well, boo-hoo. I can speak directly to this because I came from the Establishment although I honestly never acquiesced to their arcane way of “governing.”  These so-called power brokers have no power with Trump, and they simply can’t handle the truth.  Perhaps they’ll learn to live with their disappointment and grow a little during President Trump’s term in office.

I don’t want to come down totally on Scott Walker.  I do credit him with standing up to the unions.  That can’t be easy.  And he appears to be doing a fine job as governor.  Maybe a few more terms in that job will prepare him for the big stage down the road.  After all, he’s still pretty young.

It’s too bad for the country that things didn’t work out for Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, to be part of the GOP extravaganza.  He would have fared much better than Walker and would be better than John Kasich since he’s a more solid conservative and has a much better temperament.  Oh well—the national stage’s loss is Indiana’s gain.

Let’s face it, everyone pales in comparison to Trump.  Even Mr. Trump has found his kinder gentler side lately, but he’s still bigger, bolder, and all business compared to the rest of the pack.  That’s definitely something America needs after eight years of a weak president.

So Rick Perry is in the not OK corral and Walker has now cut the cheese.

As each opponent drops out of the race we get closer to nominating our GOP presidential pick.

Go Trump!

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