Rules are for Us—Not for Them

March 5th, 2015

After six years of the Obama administration, here’s the overriding message we can take away.

If you have the power and no regard for the laws and rules the Average Joe is expected to obey, you can pretty much do anything you want.

You might even become president of the United States despite this fact.

It’s been no secret that Obama doesn’t worry too much about laws and rules when carrying out his duties.  He operates sort of like the chronic highway speeder who isn’t about to slow down until a trooper pulls him over.  In Obama’s case, it’s the United States courts that occasionally put the brakes on him but not before some damage has been done.

We’ve all come to expect this pattern from Obama, and the nation has two more years of this to endure.  Likely, most of his worst transgressions occurred recently and the court cases challenging them won’t be resolved until he’s out of office.

That begs the question of what sort of legacy his actions are leaving for the next president.  Will that leader operate under the belief that they have the same green light to do whatever they please?

If that president is Hillary Clinton, it appears the answer is “yes.”

This week’s revelation that Clinton violated federal rules by operating as Secretary of State solely with a private email account and server reinforces a continuing Clinton theme.  As Bill Clinton’s term in office demonstrated, the Clintons conduct themselves under a strict policy of doing exactly as they please.

Some people believe you should never ask for permission but rather seek forgiveness later after you’ve been caught.  Not the Clintons.  They don’t even think they need our forgiveness for anything, and so far they’ve been right.

Recently, I’ve heard a few friends comment that they can’t wait for Obama’s term to end.  Even Hillary Clinton would be better they say.

I’d suggest they rethink this notion.  Barack Obama is clearly paving the way for all sorts of presidential overreach.  As long as he continues to get away with it, the perception surely must grow in the next president that this is an acceptable way to operate.

Hillary Clinton is giving every indication that she’d follow the same path.  For instance, after the New York Times broke the email story, her staff immediately issued the following statement:  “Both the letter and spirit of the rules permitted State Department officials to use non-government email, as long as appropriate records were preserved.”

Given the circumstances, that’s a stretch.  If you don’t believe it, try using that sort of logic at your next IRS audit.

Congressman Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi uncovered the email issue. A couple of weeks ago, speaking about immigration law, Gowdy said something that applies to the methods employed by Clinton, Obama, and many Democrats.  He said, “There will come a day where you will cry out for the enforcement of the law.  There will come a day when you long for law to be the foundation of this republic.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear we’re there yet.  Until that day comes, expect to see more hubris from those who believe they are above the law.