Rudy Rudy Rudy–Where is the Next Great Mayor of NYC?

March 8th, 2013

Mayor Rudy Giuliani is an American hero and legend.  Everyone knows him as the mayor who dealt with the 9/11 tragedy with great leadership and empathy. New York City residents also know him as the tough mayor who cleaned up a dirty dangerous city and made it THE destination for the whole world to enjoy.

I’ve been a huge Rudy fan for many years.  I met him and worked with his office when I worked at the White House.  I always found the mayor to be friendly and good with people around him. He was always extremely nice to everyone who asked a question, came by to say hello, or ask to take a picture.

Later, he was kind enough to come to my home state of Indiana for a fundraiser for the state GOP.  I also asked him to sign books for all the State Committee members which he happily did.

Even though I’m personally more conservative on some issues than the mayor, when he announced he was running for president, I immediately signed up to help.  In fact, I took on one of the most difficult jobs in any campaign—standing outside all day in a parking lot trying to get a petition signed.  It’s such a tough task that some candidacies end right there.  They can’t get the required number of signatures to get on the state ballot. It’s hard to become president as a write in candidate!

Unfortunately, the Giuliani campaign didn’t succeed in the end which is a shame since I believe he would have been a great candidate and an even greater President.

Yesterday, I was at Fox News to do Cavuto, and there was Mayor Giuliani.  As always, he was super nice and friendly and extremely happy to stop what he was doing to take a picture.  Just seeing him made me nostalgic for his term as mayor.

With the mayor’s race going on right now, it just seems blatantly obvious that New York City isn’t likely to see another Rudy Giuliani for a very long time.  I can’t even imagine Christine Quinn coming close to filling the shoes of Giuliani.  Ray Kelly, yes.  Quinn?  I just can’t see it. It would be wonderful to imagine another term of Rudy Giuliani as mayor.

Too bad we can’t all stand up and demand his return.  We could hold rallies, tweet, call, and basically just put on the full court press to get Rudy to run.

Sadly, that’s not an option.  We can, however, take every opportunity to thank him for all the wonderful things he did for New York City.  We can join together in chanting Rudy Rudy Rudy!  Granted, that’s a chant reserved for a certain Notre Dame football player.  In fact, my dear liberal friend, Angelo Pizzo, who wrote and produced the film Rudy hates it when Republicans use anything associated with his movies.  Ha!  I’m gonna do it anyway.

Here’s to Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Let’s forever celebrate his great service and cheer his name . . . Rudy Rudy Rudy!!!

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