Rob Ford—Crack Loving Cussing Coot—But Duly Elected Mayor of Toronto

November 19th, 2013

Wow!  Who knew Canadians could rock the world with a bigger than life (in lots of ways) mayor who makes Anthony Weiner look like a choirboy.  Okay—maybe not a choirboy but dirty dog Weiner has definitely been overshadowed in his shenanigans by Toronto mayor, Rob Ford.

Yes, Rob Ford has taken the spotlight off our American bad boys.  Who ever thought that would be possible given the antics of Eliot Spitzer and the groping mayor of San Diego?  Their misbehavior seemed truly hard to top.

Somehow Rob Ford managed to do just that.  He’s about as entertaining as it comes.  He’s rambunctious and does drugs. He parties and has his own talk show.  Yesterday, after being stripped of his powers by the City Council, he took off running and barreled over a 60 something woman who happens to be a council member. That’s what’s so great about reality TV.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

While Ford’s antics make for must see TV, there is a serious side to all of this. That became evident yesterday when the City Council took the rather extreme step of making Ford truly a mayor in name only.

In my book, that’s where a line was crossed.

Before the action was taken, a few questions should have been answered.  First, does he do a good job as mayor?  People shouldn’t be removed from office simply for being a side show or a circus clown.  Did he embezzle funds?  That’s an action worthy of removal, but there is no evidence of that.  Is Toronto running amok with gang violence?  Among the cities to fear, I haven’t seen that one on the list yet.  Has he been arrested for anything yet?  Granted, he’s admitted to doing quite a few things that would land you doing some serious time in this country, but until he’s charged and tried with such offenses, his actions are nothing more than good gossip.

From everything I’ve read, it looks like Ford has done a solid job.  Frankly, if people don’t like him for whatever reason that can be dealt with in the next election.

So who are these members of the City Council playing morality police and stripping him of his powers before his term has ended?  It’s a slippery slope when you start removing elected officials from public office.  It shouldn’t happen to anyone and certainly not to Rob Ford who’s biggest “crime” right now is being maybe an obnoxious partying putz.

If people don’t like him or what he’s been doing lately, they certainly don’t have to vote for him the next time around.

Meanwhile, the City Council should start concerning themselves with the real business of the city.  Last I checked, it included filling potholes, public safety, and keeping taxes low.  Up in Canada, effective snow removal is also a priority. I haven’t seen any complaints about Ford in that regard.

City Council members may not like him personally, but that’s no excuse for throwing him under the bus so quickly.  That’s pathetic and it’s the sort of act that potentially weakens all democracy in the long run.

Somehow, I think Ford will survive this whole episode.  In fact, he has bigger plans. In a recent interview, he announced he’ll run for Prime Minister someday.

The Toronto City Council needs to go back to worrying about what matters.  Otherwise, they’ll each find themselves with plenty of free time to go ice fishing since they won’t have City Council duties to worry about.

As for Ford, after this attempted coup, I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

Just when you think he can’t possibly top himself, he has a way of coming through.

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