PSY Needs to Go Yankee Style

December 12th, 2012

I can’t stand PSY.  What a loser.  As far as I’m concerned, he can take his anti-American fat ass back to South Korea.

For those who’ve been lucky enough to miss it, PSY is a South Korean “rapper” (yeah—you read that right) who has gained fame recently on You Tube with a thoroughly annoying “song” accompanied by an idiotic dance number where as best I can tell he looks like he’s trying to lasso a steer while fighting hemorrhoid pain.

Here’s my recommendation to him.  Take all that ill-gotten gain you’ve wrested out of the hands of unsuspecting Americans, buy a truckload of Preparation H, and take your big butt back to South Korea where it belongs.

Do I sound angry?

Yes, I am.

This guy was educated in the United States.  He well knows our culture and values.  He lives in a country that millions of American service members have spent decades protecting from one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world, and he has the nerve a few years back to “rap” that U.S. service members and their families should die slow painful deaths.

Now that he’s hit the mother lode with a hit making him rich and famous, he “apologizes.”  Well, isn’t that special.  Funny how he didn’t feel inspired to “apologize” until his personal bank account was threatened. Let’s have him return all the money he’s made from this current hit and see how sorry he still is.

What makes me even angrier in all of this is that PSY was allowed to perform for President Obama at a White House Christmas special.  I don’t care if he did apologize. Words should have consequences.  His earlier rant should forever ban him from any event attended by our Commander in Chief. Doing anything else demonstrates incredible disrespect for our military and their families.

Yesterday, the North Koreans, who we’ve protected this idiot from for his entire adult life, tested a long range missile.  Their predicted ultimate goal is to gain the ability to attack the U.S. mainland with a nuclear warhead.  I haven’t heard PSY’s outrage over that.

There is only one other place I want to see “Gangnum Style” performed.  I think Mr. Big Mouth should perform his little dance at the famous 38th Parallel where North and South Korea have remained frozen in a conflict that goes back decades.

Now that would be worth watching.


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    Ohhhh, I so agree. The first thing I thought was that he should give every RED cent back to the American’s he hates or donate it all to The Freedom Alliance to support those who died for his sorry ass to actually be free and become a “singer”.

    Those American soldiers are the only reason he’s able to be a superstar and get rich.

    I really wish America would stop helping all these other countries be “free” because they and even our own citizens don’t seem to appreciate it.

  2. Posted Dec 12 2012 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

    Well said!