Privacy Policy

We are very big on privacy. In fact, Monica takes almost giddy joy in blocking unwanted emails and grilling salespeople as to exactly what their intentions are when they dare ask her that now ubiquitous question, “Can we get an email address?”

Given that, we make this promise.  If you choose to comment on the site, we will keep your personal information, like how to contact you, strictly confidential.  We will not under any circumstances sell or share it with anyone.

After signing up for our mailing list or posting a comment, if you find yourself suddenly receiving strange email solicitations for weight loss programs or candidates for local offices you’ve never heard of, please know if won’t be because of anything we’ve done.

So why do we even have a mailing list if we aren’t going to shamelessly exploit your personal information for our own greedy financial gain?  We promise to only use this information to communicate with you about upcoming events like TV appearances by Dee Dee or book signings by Monica (which at the rate she’s going on her current book probably won’t happen for a while).  Should you not wish to receive these emails, just say “Whoa! Enough already!” and we’ll take you off the list.